7 Sleek Items Every Man Needs

Finding accessories for men is challenging. You have to consider the items themselves, as well as their level of quality and functionality. Some men could care less about their accessories as long as they accent their wardrobes, and others take functionality seriously. No matter the man you are shopping for, here are seven sleek items he needs.  

1. A Minimalist Wallet

When you think of accessories for men, the first thing that comes to mind is a wallet. You might think that wallets capable of holding money, cards, and everything else a man needs to store in his pocket are bulky and full of compartments. 

Today, a minimalist aluminum wallet is more popular than bulky alternatives because it can hold whatever needs to be stored without taking up extra space. 

Finding a minimalist wallet is necessary for men on the go who don’t want their pockets weighed down by bulky items. You can find these wallets in all sorts of color combinations to match the style of the man you are shopping for. 

2. A Money Clip

To help store money more securely in their minimal leather wallets, men often use money clips. Money clips have become a major fashion statement in recent years. Mainly, those made of authentic materials like brass and metal are very popular right now. 

To store cash securely, every man needs a trusty money clip. Get one that matches his style for bonus points. 

3. The Right Molding Past 

With those short but shaggy haircuts being all the rage, finding suitable molding paste is essential. All men need a molding paste to keep their locks in check as they go about their days. Every hair type is different, and if you find gels that are scented, make sure they agree with the man you are shopping for. 

4. A Subtle Cologne

Men like to smell good. Finding colognes that provide a pleasant scent and that cover up any unpleasant odors is critical. Finding colognes that offer aromas that are strong but not too strong can be tricky, so be sure to ask the man you’re shopping for of any brands or specific colognes that he likes before you buy him a new bottle. 

Bottle of cologne

5. A Foam Roller

Men who work out a lot or are on their feet all day need equipment made for muscle recovery. Shop for men’s foam rollers so that he can alleviate his soreness after completing a home improvement project, a hard session at the gym, or a long day of work. 

6. A Shaving Kit

Shaving kits are easier to come by than ever thanks to the subscription services for hygiene products that have surfaced over the last few years. Although there are many different options, some men are specific about the brands they like the best. Most men take their shaving kits seriously, so be sure to check with them about choosing the right shaving product brands to purchase from. 

7. A Trusty Flannel 

Every man needs a sturdy flannel to wear on chilly nights, to complete work in, or just to wear when relaxing at home. Flannels have been a staple in men’s fashion for years, and they are not going away any time soon. These shirts tend to be the go-to shirts for relaxing, so don’t get one that will wear out quickly, as it will be worn frequently! 

The Bottom Line

Every man needs the above go-to sleek items for daily usage. Give the gift of convenience by purchasing one or more of these gifts for the man you are shopping for. They will surely appreciate it!


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