6 Must-Have Accessories for Men

Every successful guy wants to feel polished and cool when he leaves the house for work. With the right accessories, you can easily transform any look from drab to dapper in a flash.

Add a little bit of leather, and a vintage accent or two—and voila! You’re looking effortlessly suave.

Whether you’re updating your own look or shopping for a lucky man in your life, we’ve made a list of timeless accessories that add a classy touch to any ensemble.

#1 A Timeless Hat

Are you a baseball hat kind of guy? Do you prefer classic fedora? Why not try a flat cap?

Adding a hat to your outfit pulls the whole look together with one simple accessory. The right hat makes jeans and t-shirts date-appropriate and adds a vintage flair to your favorite suits.

With all the options available, choose a hat that fits your lifestyle and preferences. A felt fedora is perfect if you live somewhere with a chilly winter season. Straw hats are great for afternoons strolling by the beach. Don’t forget to buy a feather or two to add some color and sass.

#2 A Great Pair of Boots

A solid pair of boots is like an old friendship. You can repair them when they’re broken, they carry you through your toughest days, and they will last you a lifetime. Investing in a pair of boots is worth the upfront cost when you consider you’ll have them forever.

A few boots styles we recommend are:

  • Combat – The classic look. These are the peanut butter and jelly of the boot world. They never go out of style and you’ll never get tired of them.
  • Desert – These boots are ideal for warmer weather and delectable in buttery suede. Desert boots are a great choice for a more rugged, casual look.
  • Chelsea – Chelsea boots are polished and professional. Buy them in black leather for an especially upscale addition to your wardrobe.

#3 Bar Tools

You may not wear this accessory, but you sure look great with a fancy cocktail in your hand. When you have the right tools, making cocktails at home is easy-peasy. If you prefer your booze neat, invest in some whiskey stones to cool your drink without diluting it. For those who love their cocktails served up, a stainless steel cocktail shaker is a must-have.

Take time to learn some classic cocktail recipes (or invent your own). This way, when your friends come over for dinner, you’ll impress them with custom drinks! Whiskey sour anyone? Manhattan on the rocks?

No matter what, your guests will be sipping in style.

#4 An Elegant Watch

Watches are the epitome of sophistication. Check the time with a flick of your wrist, and you’ll instantly be emulating your favorite iconic movie studs. Call us old-school, but wearing a watch just looks cool.

Pulling out your cell phone to check the time just isn’t the same.

Both professional and upscale, a watch is a great accessory for any business meeting or fundraising event. Men’s rose gold watches add warmth and a classic spin to your look. Choose a leather band for comfortable, all-day wear. For a more durable design, opt for a silicone band.

#5 A Quality Jacket

Yes, we admit, jackets are the ultimate bad-boy accessory. With the right jacket, you’ll be classy and intimidating.
To find the perfect jacket for you, look out for these classic styles:

  • Bomber –Add an edge to any outfit with a leather bomber jacket. Choose vintage silk for a more lighthearted look.
  • Denim – Timeless and infinitely versatile, a denim jacket is a staple piece. Add a wool lining for cold weather wearability.
  • Tweed –Tap into your professorial look with wool tweed. Include a pocket square and a tie for a more polished ensemble.

#6 A Classic Satchel

Classic satchel
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Finally, no look is complete without a waxed canvas satchel. Choose muted-red or slate-blue for a refined pop of color. With a well-made bag, you’ll carry your books and papers with ease. Slip your laptop in for a productive day at the coffee shop. Stop by the market on the way home from work (a nice bottle of wine will fit perfectly in the front pocket).

Treat Yourself

Sometimes we all need to practice a little self-love. Give yourself permission to invest in those new boots or some fancy tumblers. When you purchase high-quality accessories, you’ll use them for a lifetime. Consider these investments for the future, and embrace your effortless, classic style.

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