Achieving Excellence With The Help Of Online Proctored Exams

The whole world of online training and assessment has been influenced with the help of remote proctoring. These are the most effective methods to verify that if employees are cheating or not. Integrity has become the most important thing in today’s world of education and e-learning. The technology is gaining importance in the field of education with the help of this concept. Various machine learning-based algorithms are used in this concept so that cheating is prevented.

The technology-based patterns work during the whole assessment and these platforms use various browsers and humans even to prevent the concept of cheating. The whole platform is highly flexible and has access to various applications and Webpages. The instructors also are breaking down the geographical related constraints so that all people can learn and develop their skills by sitting at home places. All the people even from remote locations can now learn anything by sitting at their homes in their comfort zone just with the help of a strong and good internet connection. They can evolve in the things going on throughout the world and expand their existing knowledge and skills so that they can add value to the organization in which they’re working.

This concept also enables the institutions to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom and educate the people at large scale. Greater accessibility is another feature of this concept and some of the benefits have been mentioned as follows:

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  1. It is very much easy to access from the other’s end: Online reporting solutions are integrated with the help of platforms that provide instructors easy and one-click based assessment. All the students just have to log in to this platform so that they can get access to the course and then sign on for a seamless experience. The instructors never are burdened with this concept as they do not have to maintain data and spreadsheets of every student. They will be able to analyze the question wise with the help of this concept and the whole details results will be available in front of them with no extra effort. All the things work with the help of clicking a single button. Even the candidates can also have access to the results instantly which will help to highlight the weaknesses which can be improved in the future and converted into opportunities that can be grabbed.
  2. The benefit of accessibility: These online-based solutions can help the instructors to serve the learners with disabilities in an easy manner. People who need special accommodations can also have such assessments just sitting at their places in their comfort zones without bothering anybody and ultimately saving a lot of time and effort. This will help to provide them with the opportunity to expand their existing knowledge base and skill set so that they can become better individuals in the future.
  3. High-level of student verification is enabled: To use this facility of online proctoring, students have to sign in with the help of virtual ID depending upon the usage of a web-based camera and mike. Various concepts like Biometric and facial recognition are also used in this so that the right people can log in and they are highly authenticated. This will allow the instructors to verify the IDs of the students so that they can also learn who is learning from them and this will help to develop good learning patterns.
  4. Helps to provide an insight into the learning patterns of the students: The online proctoring solutions will also help the instructors to have an insight into the learning patterns of the students. They will also provide comprehensive reports about each activity of the student so that every minute detail of the examination can be analyzed. In this way, the students and instructors can use this information to see how the students behave in a particular exam and have great insights about their learning patterns. This will also help to address specific problems that the students face in case you do not respond to a particular kind of question.
  5. There will be a professional review with the help of humans involved: Even the humans are involved at every stage during the whole process of online proctoring. Various organizations provide the option of human proctors who conduct the audits and reviews of professional results so that solutions can eliminate all the disadvantages from the concept and prepare the best report of the assessment.
  6. High-level of convenience: The online-based exams offer a high level of convenience to the students as they can select the places where they want to sit and there is no need to travel to distant places to appear for a particular exam. Now the students can appear for the exam by sitting at their home environment to which they are highly familiar, and which will help them to concentrate very well during the exam. They will also have the advantage of privacy during the whole exam and they can complete the exam efficiently and effectively which will help them to choose their goals.
  7. There will be an increased level of security code: All these methods are highly secure from the organization’s point of view as they can constantly involve themselves with the students using a video screen. They can also watch them for any kind of infringements and in case there is an issue with the exam then it is in their hands whether to accept or reject that particular exam. Even the video-based recording can be used as a future reference and can be reviewed at any time even after the exam.
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This kind of exams and proctoring services are highly preferred by all the institutions because there is no need to arrange for specific exam halls and employ a particular staff to conduct a particular examination. This will help them to save a lot of time and costs and run the exams with a high level of efficiency.

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