Dubai International Film Festival

If you are going to visit Dubai, you should know that there are not only impressive buildings, beautiful beaches, and showplaces in this amazing city! You can also visit various events, including the Dubai International Film Festival that is held at the famous place for tourists, Madinat Jumeirah which sponsors the festival itself. If you are planning to visit this wonderful event, make sure you booked the hotel following the right dates, and also think about how you will get to the destination place. We recommend finding super cars rental Dubai agencies online to solve your problems with transportation. It’s simple and fast to book a great car there without problems in the fastest terms. Moreover, the prices are quite affordable for everyone.

Dubai Film Festival

The History of Dubai Film Festival

The history of the Dubai Film Festival started more than 10 years ago. In 2004, when it was launched, many people had skeptical reviews about it. By those times, in the whole world, there were about 3000 festivals, and the festival in Dubai became just one of many of them. But the DIFF survived the competition, and now, this is a popular event for many tourists in Dubai.

The main specialization of the festival is the best films from the whole world, mostly from Asia, Africa, and countries of the Middle East. Currently, there are about 150-280 films that participate in the festival, and 50% of them are movies from the countries of the Middle East. Lately, many Arabian films are appearing at the festival too.

Except for the main program and competition, DIFF is a great platform for a successful business. The main goal of the festival is to develop a partnership between foreign and Arabian professionals in the film industry. The Dubai Film Connection is a market that operates in the festival. Currently, the result of this partnership is 71 completed movies and about 6 movies are on the final point. Nowadays, about 57 Arabian movies have already got financial support thanks to the Dubai festival. The festival has built a massive multicultural business platform that connects producers, finansists, directors, and distributors from many countries worldwide. They came to Dubai to share experiences, knowledge, and resources. It means the Dubai International Film Festival helps to develop the international partnership in the sphere of cinema and art.

Terms & Conditions

  • Films must not be screened in the Gulf region before the festival, except for films that participated in the sixth GFF.
  • Films of the competition program require at least a premiere in the UAE.
  • Films should not be available on the Internet, shown on television, or other public services before the start of the festival and until it are ended.
  • Films participating in the main competition must be created by directors of Arab nationality (in the competition of films of the Arab Emirates – the director must be from the Arab Emirates).
  • The theme and plot of the film should be focused on the life of the Arab world, its history, and its culture.
  • The feature film must be at least 60 minutes long.
  • The short film must be no more than 59 minutes long.
  • Short films are not accepted into the out-of-competition program, except for the Arabian Nights and Voices of the Gulf sections.
  • If the original version of the film is not in English, then English subtitles are required,
  • The sender must indicate on the DVD with the film the ID of the online application, and additionally, indicate if the film is unfinished.
  • The title of the film and all other necessary information must be in English.

The film festival in Dubai usually takes place in December. Its 14th edition is planned for Dec 06 – Dec 13, 2022. Plan your vacation on these dates and do not miss the upcoming event!


If you are planning a trip to the UAE, there are many spots to visit in Dubai! Enjoy beautiful beaches, discover wonderful architecture, attend exciting excursions, drive a luxury vehicle, and spend a great time on various events, including the Dubai International Film Festival.

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