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10 Best Roll top Backpacks

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Rolltop backpacks are gaining popularity among campers, bikers, and students.  People are going back to the old style because of the minimalistic and simplistic design that comes with these types of backpacks.

Why would people choose this type over the others? First, They are inexpensive, are compact to reduce unnecessary volume, and it’s easier to access the main pocket, among other benefits.

Not convinced yet?

According to research, frequent visits for medical consultations among Americans of all ages is lower back pain. Almost 60% visit a doctor with either acute, sub-acute, or chronic back pain. This is due to bad posture and poorly designed products.

With the new technology and excellent equipment, manufacturers can now make backpacks that feature a friendly design. These backpacks, unlike the predecessors, have fewer pockets, fewer zippers, plenty of storage space, few straps, and feature excellent quality construction. Also, the backpack rolls down like a lunch bag so that you can fill it quickly.

Our recommendations comprise the Top 10 best rolltop backpacks. We selected them based on quality, ease of use, storage space, among other things. This is for your convenience. When reverting to these rolltop backpacks, you are sure of an adventurous journey. Let’s see what each backpack has to offer you.

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1.Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack

The Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack is suitable for you if you are searching for a well-designed backpack. It’s the best solution for anyone who prefers functionality and comfort. This comes from an excellent quality material that is 100% polyester hence durable. Even so, the 27L capacity is all you need for your items.

This backpack measures 17. 3 x 11. 1 x 5. 7 inch, which is a great size to fit on your back as you pursue your long travel. Moreover, you will like the molle system with webbing throughout. This allows you to attach additional gear and tactical pouches.

Other than the breathable construction, we thank the manufacturer for using heavy-duty zippers, and utility-style pulls, the load compression system on both sizes, and Velcro patch holders. Also, the top carry handle, mesh padded back, and the shoulder strap cannot be ignored. These are the features that distinguish this backpack from regular competitors.

One thing I fancied while using this backpack was plenty of storage space. I cannot overlook the spacious pockets and other storage compartments that tool in all my items without slowing me down.


  • Very spacious and has additional sections for attaching your gear
  • Contours well on your back for comfort
  • Lovely design with plenty of storage pockets
  • Durable construction and breathable


  • Some users find it big hence not suitable for carrying fewer items
Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack, Black Check Lowest Price

2.Timbuk2 Tuck Pack

Stylish and lightweight rolltop backpacks are there but rare. We found this Timbuk2 Tuck Pack a great match for adventure enthusiasts. It is a very simple backpack with a streamlined straightforward rolltop so that when accessing your items, it’s never that demanding.

Other than the straightforward philosophy, you will fall in love with the outer reflective rolltop that makes it secure when on your bike. Moreover, the medium volume and lightweight construction make your bag suitable for long distances as it fits correctly on your back.

The backpack is an organizer. First, it features dual side slip pockets where your water bottles fit. The front zip pockets secure your small items. The size zip pocket will store your secret stuff while the internal organization pockets store your gadgets, pens, and other small items.

Additionally, the internal pocket fits up to a 15-inch laptop with soft foam to offer excellent protection when on the move. The rolltop closure has a size zip access when you want to check in your backpack quickly.

Finally, the excellent quality construction from San Francisco original is here to inspire your mobility and also promote responsibility.


  • Medium-sized and lightweight hence fits correctly on the back
  • Plenty of storage pockets for all your small and medium-sized items
  • The rolltop is reflective therefore excellent for traffic reflection
  • Versatile for all your travels and outdoor fun


  • Small in case you have plenty of luggage to carry
Timbuk2 Tuck Pack, Nautical/Bixi, One Size Check Lowest Price

3.Acer Predator Gaming Rolltop Backpack

A unique gaming rolltop water-resistant backpack is here for you. Unlike other competitors, this one has padded interiors and pockets so that you can store your delicate items without worry. Moreover, the shoulder harnesses are super comfortable where you will have the backpack on you for the entire day without complaining of fatigue and pain.

The backpack measures 26″ H X 17″ W x 6″ D and weighs 2.9 lbs. The well-padded interior protects your gaming accessories. Moreover, the materials used feature water-resistant military-grade construction hence defend you against rain and mud as you travel. Your gear will always remain safe in whichever place you move to.

Furthermore, this backpack has a ventilated back panel and soft shoulder straps. Also, there is an adjustable buckle that delivers the kind of comfort you need while traveling. This is what differentiates your back from the rest on the market.


  • Weighs 2.9lbs hence portable
  • Made from excellent quality water-resistant fabric for all-weather use
  • Has well-padded pockets to protect your gaming gear
  • Versatile access for carrying all your small items


  • It is a very expensive backpack, although it lacks additional accessories such as charging sections.
Acer Predator Gaming Rolltop Backpack 15.6” for all Gaming Laptops – Expandable space up to 35.5L capacity, Travel backpack, organized pockets for all gears Check Lowest Price

4.JOHNNY URBAN Casual Daypack Canvas rolltop Backpack

What else would you want in a unisex bag? I guess this popular bag suits couples who would want to use it for traveling without worry about gender questions. It is an all-round stylish, durable bag constructed from fine quality cotton. The choice of the material makes it easy to clean, and you can use it daily. If you have more to store, then worry no more as the rolltop rolls smoothly for extra space.

When it comes to comfort, we give credit to the manufacturer, who had our shoulders in mind. Note that this is one of the most comfortable backpacks on the market. The shoulder straps, bottom, and back of this backpack are excellently padded using rubber. This means that you will have it on your entire day without straining.

The backpack can carry most of your gear since it’s 18 Litre rolled and 22 Litre unrolled with measurements of 45 x 30 x 13 cm rolled, 64 x 30 x 13 cm unrolled.


  • It’s aircraft approved hence excellent for overseas travel
  • Comes from quality materials for durability
  • Well-padded to protect you from injuries
  • Get more space by rolling the rolltop


  • Very few internal pockets and most people wish they were more
Canvas Backpack Men & Women Anthracite/Black - JOHNNY URBAN Cotton Roll Top Daypack - Durable Vintage 18-22 Litre Rucksack day-to-day Bag - Water-repellant & very Flexible Check Lowest Price

5.Acer Predator Rolltop Jr. Smoky White Backpack

How do you get value for money? This gaming backpack has the perfect solution for your travel. It’s a rare rolltop backpack suitable for your 15.6″ Laptop. The type rolls up quickly so that you can store your gear even faster. Furthermore, the water-resistant fabric keeps it above the rest when you decide to compare them. This means that you will enjoy all-weather travel while your backpack is intact on your back.

Apart from the excellent quality construction, this backpack has space that you have longed to get for your gear. You will love the padded interior, which ensures your laptop remains intact and stable to avoid breakage. Moreover, plenty of pockets means that you can store and carry small easily.

Lastly, the shoulder harness is comfortable hence a great way to have the backpack on you for extended periods. Finally, the backpack is versatile for all your traveling gear.


  • Very stylish and hence fashionable
  • Spacious for your 12.6-inch laptop
  • Made for quality materials for durability
  • Has enough pockets to store your additional gear


  • Not water resistant
Acer Predator Rolltop Jr. Smoky White Backpack - For All 15.6 Check Lowest Price

6.XRAY Expandable rolltop Waterproof Trendy Backpack

If you love outdoor activities, then this is an everyday backpack, and you might have come across it. This is a suitable companion if you plan to carry your laptop along with your other gear since it has an extra laptop pocket. The pocket is well padded to prevent damage to the laptop.

The construction features Ultra Strong Tactical Matte Polyurethane Fabric, which guarantees you value for money. Additionally, the manufacturer ensured plenty of inner and outer pockets to store most of your gear, such as phones and jewelry. The top is also expandable so that when you run out of storage space, you can easily adjust it to fit your gear. Moreover, the adjustable shoulder strap, high durable buckle, and zipper closure make it fit on your body correctly.

Finally, this backpack features an ergonomic design hence comfortable and reduces strain. It’s unisex and is affordable.


  • Has plenty of pockets for extra storage
  • Has universal adjustable size and straps for storage and perfect fitting respectively
  • Features an ergonomic design for secure storage
  • Constructed from high-quality materials with careful craftsmanship


  • Very large for you if you fancy small backpacks
XRAY Expandable Roll Top Waterproof Trendy Backpack With Laptop Pocket Check Lowest Price

7.Osprey Transporter rolltop Laptop Backpack

If you value a multifunctional rolltop backpack, then you might want to use this Osprey Transporter rolltop Laptop Backpack. It comes in three colors, namely, Black, Ruffian Red, and Westwind Teal; therefore, you can choose what suits you.

The backpack comes from high-quality weather-resistant materials, which give the backpack the unmatched quality. Luckily, it is a quality backpack yet affordable. Additionally, the backpack has plenty of pockets with a zippered close for storage and access.

It is also very comfortable because of the adjustable webbing closure system with an aluminum buckle. Besides, the padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry strain-free throughout your entire journey. Moreover, the soft interior laptop pocket houses a 15” laptop.


  • Made from quality materials hence durable
  • Comes with a rolltop closure for secure storage
  • Perfect for keeping your laptop safe
  • Has plenty of pockets and a zippered section
  • As a grab handle for easy lifting and carrying the pack


  • Partially water resistant
Osprey Packs Transporter Roll Top Laptop Backpack, Black Check Lowest Price

8.Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

If you are a diehard fan of traveling, kayaking, biking, commuting, camping, hiking, and fishing, then you need the Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack. It’s a complete waterproof type where you will keep your essentials, and they stay completely dry.

The backpack is easy to use and features a rolltop closure with a single reinforce strap to keep off draining water. Furthermore, the numerous pockets available both on the inside and outside offer a lot of storage space. This allows you to carry your essentials to your destination.

It is also well ventilated with mesh construction and zippered compartments. This keeps the contents fresh regardless of the climate. The backpack is also lightweight and compact, so you can carry it everywhere, including when boarding your plane.

Finally, this backpack is a true definition of comfort. You will feel at ease when you fit on your shoulders since the straps have pads that relieve pressure from your shoulders when traveling.


  • Versatile type for all your outdoor activities
  • Has plenty of storage space with zippers for secure storage
  • Compact and lightweight for safe traveling
  • Complete waterproof hence all-weather suitable


  • It’s a high-quality backpack but expensive
Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack: 35L / 55L Heavy Duty Roll-Top Closure with Easy Access Front-Zippered Pocket and Cushioned Padded Back Panel for Comfort; IPX8 Waterproof Phone Case Included Check Lowest Price

9.Osprey Archeon 25 Women’s rolltop Backpack

Are you a woman who loves style? Well, here is the backpack you thought of having for years. The countdown ends here. The Mud Red color is great for fashion lovers and can blend in with most outfits.

If you don’t like the red type, you can still choose the deep space blue color. The rolltop design allows room for extra capacity when you’ve plenty to carry but worried about space. This quality backpack comes from GRS certified recycled materials, which makes it durable and a great value for money.

Front and side access pockets make the storage excellent for you. Besides, you will like the zippered pockets that keep your small items safe when traveling. One thing you will never stop loving on this backpack is the adjustable shoulder harness with the waist belt. They provide the stability you need when you are carrying the load.


  • Made from high-quality GRS certified recycled materials for long-lasting use
  • Has plenty of pockets for additional storage
  • You can choose from two available colors
  • Zippered pockets to prevent loss of items


  • Although it is great, it is also costly as compared to other types
Osprey Archeon 25 Women's Roll Top Backpack, Deep Space Blue, O/S Check Lowest Price

10.AmazonBasics Anti-Theft rolltop Backpack – Navy

Staying organized has never been this easy. When you have the AmazonBasics Anti-Theft rolltop Backpack, everything falls in place. The backpack features a high-quality construction hence durable. The anti-theft feature is enhanced by reinforced closures and an invisible phone pocket.

The backpack comes with a lot of pockets and compartments where you keep your items such as phones and other essential devices safe. Besides, the rolltop rucksack-style design keeps our items secure. This keeps you relaxed, knowing that your items are safe as you move.

Still, on security, the manufacturer added the durable metal zippers for extra protection for your items. Apart from the security aspect, this backpack has a water-resistant construction so that you can use it in varying weather conditions.

The padded shoulder straps are also crucial, and since they have a fantastic design, you will never worry about the pain after carrying the backpack for lengthy distances.


  • Has a lovely design to match your fashion
  • Quality construction for long term use
  • Enhanced anti-theft feature to keep your gear safe
  • Water-resistant to use in all weather conditions


  • Some users find it small when planning for an extended journey
AmazonBasics Anti-Theft Roll Top Backpack - Navy Check Lowest Price


It is essential to invest in a quality backpack. You will never know the pain that comes with other regular backpacks since your quality backpack has a friendly design to meet your needs. We carefully selected the Top 10 best rolltop backpacks for you to make your selection much more manageable. It’s our hope that you will find this review essential and suitable for your next purchase.

We guarantee you that the 10 backpacks reviewed will meet and even exceed your expectations. Buying one is a wise investment. If you have questions about the backpacks in this review, kindly let us know, and we promise to guide you through as you acquire your new backpack today.

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