10 Best Roll top Backpacks

Rolltop backpacks are gaining popularity among campers, bikers, and students.  People are going back to the old style because of the minimalistic and simplistic design that comes with these types of backpacks.

Why would people choose this type over the others? First, They are inexpensive, are compact to reduce unnecessary volume, and it’s easier to access the main pocket, among other benefits.

Not convinced yet?

According to research, frequent visits for medical consultations among Americans of all ages is lower back pain. Almost 60% visit a doctor with either acute, sub-acute, or chronic back pain. This is due to bad posture and poorly designed products.

With the new technology and excellent equipment, manufacturers can now make backpacks that feature a friendly design. These backpacks, unlike the predecessors, have fewer pockets, fewer zippers, plenty of storage space, few straps, and feature excellent quality construction. Also, the backpack rolls down like a lunch bag so that you can fill it quickly.

Our recommendations comprise the Top 10 best rolltop backpacks. We selected them based on quality, ease of use, storage space, among other things. This is for your convenience. When reverting to these rolltop backpacks, you are sure of an adventurous journey. Let’s see what each backpack has to offer you.

1.Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack

The Samurai Tactical Ronin Day Backpack is suitable for you if you are searching for a well-designed backpack. It’s the best solution for anyone who prefers functionality and comfort. This comes from an excellent quality material that is 100% polyester hence durable. Even so, the 27L capacity is all you need for your items.

This backpack measures 17. 3 x 11. 1 x 5. 7 inch, which is a great size to fit on your back as you pursue your long travel. Moreover, you will like the molle system with webbing throughout. This allows you to attach additional gear and tactical pouches.

Other than the breathable construction, we thank the manufacturer for using heavy-duty zippers, and utility-style pulls, the load compression system on both sizes, and Velcro patch holders. Also, the top carry handle, mesh padded back, and the shoulder strap cannot be ignored. These are the features that distinguish this backpack from regular competitors.

One thing I fancied while using this backpack was plenty of storage space. I cannot overlook the spacious pockets and other storage compartments that tool in all my items without slowing me down.


  • Very spacious and has additional sections for attaching your gear
  • Contours well on your back for comfort
  • Lovely design with plenty of storage pockets
  • Durable construction and breathable


  • Some users find it big hence not suitable for carrying fewer items
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