Bourbon Lover And Whiskey Drinkers

Bourbon Lover: Whiskey Drinkers

When you’re truly passionate about your hobby, your entire life revolves around it. 

And if you’re crazy about whiskey, you don’t just drink it… you eat, sleep, and breathe whiskey. 

If you’re doubting whether this is even possible, rest assured that there are all kinds of whiskey-themed products you can get your hands on. 

If you want to take your whiskey obsession to the next level, these products could be just what you need. 

Or maybe you’re shopping for whiskey lover, and you’re looking for that perfect gift for that bourbon lover.

Whatever the case may be, these 10 products are simply must-haves for whiskey lovers.

Olivina Bourbon Cedar All-In-One Body Wash

Yes, you can even wash yourself with whiskey. This all-in-one body wash is great for those who just can’t get enough of the smell of whiskey: the ultimate bourbon lover. 

Lathering yourself up with this luxurious body wash is a great way to start off your day, and it’ll leave you smelling like the finest spirit in the world. 

It also has notes of cedar, which we all know goes hand in hand with the scent of whiskey. And to top things off, there’s even a slight aroma of vanilla that goes with this wonderful product. 

We also love the fact that you can use this soap for pretty much anything. Whether you’re washing your face, hair, or body, this all-in-one wash does the trick. 

That’s great news for those who don’t want to bother with multiple shower products!

Time and Oak Signature Whiskey Elements

If you’ve never seen whiskey elements before, you’re in for a treat. 

You can add these special oak pieces to your favorite bottle of whiskey, which helps create different flavors within 24 hours. After these items are done working their magic, your whiskey should have the same taste as a barrel-aged spirit. 

These whiskey element may also create a smoother, more refined taste. 

If you’re getting bored of the same old whiskey, this is a great way to experiment and have a little fun with your favorite spirits. 

Teroforma Whiskey Stones

We all know that enjoying whiskey on the rocks is pretty spectacular, but there’s one major downside: the ice tends to melt, and you’re left with watered down whiskey. 

If you like to take your time and sip your whiskey nice and slow, this might be a common issue that you deal with every time you enjoy your spirits. 

If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, look no further than Teroforma’s patented Whiskey Stones.

Yes, these are actual stones that you put in your whiskey! 

Freeze them properly, and they’ll mimic the effects of ice cubes – keeping your whiskey cool and fresh. 

But they won’t melt, which gives them a massive advantage over ice cubes. 

Daneson Scotch Infused Toothpicks 

Maybe you love to enjoy your glass of whiskey with a nice meal – perhaps a rare steak or a stack of pork ribs. 

But what happens when your dish is clean, and your whiskey’s all gone?

Well, you can still enjoy the subtle notes of whiskey flavor with Daneson’s Scotch Infused Toothpicks. 

They’re made from sustainably sourced lumber and infused with high quality whiskey. If you’re done eating, why not reach for one of these luxurious toothpicks?

Drifter El Dorado Whiskey Soap

We’ve already pointed out the fact that you can wash with whiskey, and this is actually becoming something of a trend when it comes to men’s hygiene products.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge 

We previously mentioned the negative aspects of using ice in your whiskey. 
But what if whiskey stones just don’t appeal to you?

Well, there’s another option – the ingenious Whiskey Wedge from Corkcicle. 

You’re still putting ice in your whiskey… so what’s the big deal? What makes the whiskey wedge so special?

It’s all about the reduced surface area. Because of the wedge’s design, the ice melts much more slowly, and you won’t have to worry as much about watered down whiskey. 

Wood’s Vermont Maple Syrup

Okay, so maybe drinking whiskey first thing in the morning isn’t the best idea…

But with Wood’s Vermont Maple Syrup, you can experience the wonderful taste of whiskey without actually pouring yourself a glass. 

This bourbon flavored maple syrup is perfect for waffles, biscuits, pancakes, crepes… the list goes on. 

You can even sneak some in your coffee for a little extra “oomph.”

To create the flavor, Wood’s actually stores their maple syrup in empty wooden barrels that were used for aging whiskey!

Commodity Whiskey Cologne

Let’s say you’ve finished washing with whiskey body wash, but you’re still not smelling enough like whiskey. 

Reach for some whiskey cologne made by Commodity, and cover yourself in this distinguished, alluring scent. 

Along with whiskey, this cologne offers notes of mahogany, cinnamon, and sage. 

Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask

If you’re searching for a whiskey-related product, you can’t go wrong with a good flask. 

Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars on meticulously crafted whiskey flasks made from precious metals, with elaborate engravings. 

There’s nothing wrong with that. 

But we’re going to recommend going with something a lot more simple and utilitarian. 

Top Shelf’s Stainless Steel Flask is everything you could ask for in a whiskey flask. It’s attractive, built from durable materials, and it even comes with a funnel attachment. 

What makes this flask even better is the value. At under ten bucks, it’s a great deal. 

Donald J. Fuss Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks

They say that some people wear their hearts on their sleeves…

But if you want to truly show your love of whiskey, you can even wear whiskey on your sleeves!

No we’re not talking about spilling whiskey on yourself… We’re talking about Donald J. Fuss’ beautiful whiskey barrel cufflinks. 

These cufflinks are made from wood taken from real whiskey barrels – white oak staves from a Jack Daniels’ distillery, to be exact. 

There’s nothing cheap or tacky about these amazing items. Each piece is handmade meticulously by Donald J. Fuss himself. He’ll even engrave your initials into the wood!

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