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Choosing the Best Nightstand Gunsafe On the Market

Gun laws are slowly becoming more and more flexible, allowing individuals to buy firearms that they can use in order to keep their house and their families safe. Unfortunately, having a weapon in the home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Depending on where you live, it can take up to 10 minutes for the officers to arrive. However, regardless of how lax the laws are, you are still required to store it safely, and this means finding the best nightstand gun safe on the market.

Gunsafes, generally speaking, are not only required by law in the case of firearm owners, but they are also very practical. A quality cabinet or safe can prevent your children or strangers from getting hold of the weapons, while also giving you easy access to them in case you’re in danger.

This having been said, there are hundreds of nightstand safe models, and choosing one can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. We have gone through the main features that you have to keep in mind when getting a gun safe. We have also compiled a list of the most popular products on the market.

We recommend that you first look at the buying guide, in order to have the information necessary to make an informed decision and then look at our reviews and decide which safe best suits your needs.

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What to look for when getting a new nightstand gun safe?

Finding the best nightstand gun safe can be difficult if you have never owned one before and do not know what to look for. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to ensure that the product that you choose will be genuinely useful to you:

Measure in order to determine how much available space you have

There is nothing more enraging than spending a lot of money on a product and then seeing that it doesn’t fit where you hoped it would. Get a measuring tape and write down how much space you have. This will help you determine what size of gun safe to look for.

You should try to get a model that is an inch smaller than the drawer that you’ve got because wooden furniture tends to swell if there is a lot of humidity in the air and dry up and contract when there isn’t. Getting a safe that is slightly smaller also means that it will be easier to place in the cabinet or drawer without damaging the furniture.

Decide how you want to use the safe

Different nightstand gun safes can have different uses. It is vital that you decide what you want from this type of product. Some models can hold a firearm, along with an additional magazine, while others offer enough storage space to fit jewelry, cash, and even folders filled with documents. Furthermore, keep in mind that there are products that have several compartments, which allows you to keep your valuables locked down

Think of what type of lock you want

Older, traditional products have a mechanical lock that you would see in on regular safes. These are great because they are very difficult to crack, but it can also take a long time to get them opened if you’re in a hurry or if you’re in complete darkness.

Alternatively, you can go for nightstand gun safes that have an electronic lock. Most models have a keypad that allows you to essentially set a PIN code that you can use in order to lock and unlock the safe. Again, these are very secure, however, it will still take a few seconds to get them unlocked, and you will also need to see what you’re typing.

The last type of lock is also considered the most efficient. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can get a gun safe that has a biometric sensor. This is the best nightstand gun safe on the market due to the fact that it only requires your fingerprint to unlock, and the entire process only takes a fraction of a second.

When it comes to biometric gun safes, it is important to keep in mind that they must be plugged into an outlet to function. If the power is cut, the device does contain a battery that will keep the mechanism running for around a day, but once it is depleted, you won’t be able to open the safe unless you plug it in.

Look at how much time you need to get to the gun

One of the most important things when it comes to gun safes is the ability to open them and get to the firearm quickly. This is where you will have to go back to the type of lock that you are interested in and consider how much time you will need to get it open. Mechanical locks are the slowest to open, with the entire process taking between 20 seconds and 2 minutes. Next are keypad electronic ones that can usually be opened in up to 10 seconds, and finally, there are the biometric models that need a single finger press to unlock.

Although the fingerprint safes are the fastest to open, there are other things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to how fast you can reach the gun. Some manufacturers try to hide the sensors in places that are hard to get to, such as the bottom of the safe, under the bezels, or on the back portion. It is usually best to get one that has the sensor somewhere you can easily reach without having to move around the nightstand or take the safe out.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to worry about having to open furniture doors and safe doors, look for a product that has a pop-out drawer or lid that will open instantly upon placing your finger on the sensor.

Look for durable hinges

Safes are made to last a lifetime and to keep anything that you store inside, as safe as possible. The issue is that, while most manufacturers spend a lot of time and money on designing the lock and the actual container, they tend to pay little attention to the hinges of the safe.

More advanced safes have hydraulic hinges that are much more durable than regular ones and cannot be broken without using specialized tools.

Set a budget, but be flexible

Depending on how great your need is, be prepared to spend up to $1000 on some secure safes out there. If you only have a pistol and want to keep it locked down so that your kids can’t reach it, you can opt for a cheaper model that has a mechanical lock. However, if you like in a bad neighborhood and/or have a lot of valuables that you also want to store in the safe, then you should consider spending a bit more and getting a biometric mode.

In other words, treat the nightstand gun safe like an investment. It is usually better to get a more durable model that has a better lock than to get one that you will come to hate after a few months.

The Best Gun Safes for a Nightstand

1. Rottner 3139 Saturn LE-25 Safe – A durable safe that you can hide in a nightstand or cupboard

It is also important to mention the fact that the safe has a fireproof seal that will protect the contents from small and medium fires. Furthermore, the model features a double-bit safety lock and two large locking bolts that cannot be opened without the key or specialized equipment.


  • Spacious – The safe can be used for both weapons as well as cash and jewelry, making it universally useful;
  • Predrilled mounting holes – The model comes with predrilled mounting holes that can be used to mount it to a wall or to attach it to wooden furniture;
  • Fire seal – The safe can protect your belongings from small and medium fires;
  • Durable mechanical lock – The double-bit lock and locking bolts is impossible to break open without the use of power tools;


  • Large – The safe offers an internal space of 345 x 245 x 230 mm, which is more than enough for a small firearm, an extra magazine, and a box of jewelry that you want to keep safe;
  • Easy to open – There are no levers or keypads, just put the key in the lock and turn it to open the safe, making it great if you’re in a hurry;
  • Comes with fixing kit – The package comes with everything that you need to install the safe on a wall on in a nightstand or cupboard;


  • Not suited for small nightstands – The Saturn LE-25 measures 350 x 250 x 280 mm, making it difficult to hide it in small nightstands;
  • Key lock – The lock is difficult to break opened using raw force; however, it can be unlocked using a basic lock-picking kit;

Who is it for?

The Saturn LE-25 is great for those who need a lot of storage space and don’t want to spend a lot of money on high-tech electric lock models that only work for as long as they have power. This is a traditional safe that is built to last and extremely safe, even when on fire.

2. Billconch Biometric Gun Safe – A smart biometric safe that will fit in any drawer and comes with its own app

When it comes to smart gun safes, there is not a lot that this Billconch model cannot do. The biometric safe can be unlocked using your fingerprint, a security code, a key, or an app that you can install on both IOS and Android smartphones. Furthermore, the included battery shows a wide variety of data transmitted from the same, including notifications if it is unlocked.

Upon opening the safe, the top lid will pop up, thanks to a steel spring that is built into the device. It is also important to mention that the device can be set to produce noise when it is opened, or to be silent, depending on your requirements.


  • Smart safe – The device can be unlocked using a key, a security code, an app, or the biometric sensor, depending on your needs;
  • Free app – The app allows you to unlock the safe but also displays the battery levels and can send notifications if someone other than your attempt to open it;
  • Small – The safe measures only 263,6 x 177 x 50 mm;


  • Great app – Having the ability to unlock the safe using a fingerprint or the app is great for families because any of the adult members will be able to get to the contents without having to worry about having the key or code;
  • Unlock history – The app records the exact moments when the safe has been unlocked or when an attempt to open it has been made, which is useful if you do not trust someone in your home;
  • Fits in a drawer – The safe is small enough to fit in a regular drawer, with room to spare;


  • Limited storage space – The safe is small and will only fit a pistol, and a few other small objects;

Who is it for?

This one is great if you need a high-tech safe that you can keep an eye on regardless of where you are. The model gives you four different options when it comes to unlocking it, and the ability to have all data displayed on the app is great if you’re away from home. However, the safe does not offer a lot of storage space. It is large enough for a piston and a few other small objects, but that’s about it.

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3. Master Lock MLD08EB Biometric Safe – A spacious safe that can hold a firearm, a phone, cash, and many other items

The LMD08EB is an electronic safe that offers almost as much storage space as a traditional cabinet one. From firearms to smartphones, cards, jewelry, and cash, it can store anything that you need to keep safe. Without the included organizer tray, the safe offers an internal space of 5,6 cm x 24,6 cm x 17 cm, which is more than enough for a wide variety of objects.

In terms of security, the model can be opened using a code, a fingerprint sensor, or an override key. Furthermore, the product includes a kit that will allow you to bolt it down to your nightstand.


  • Small – The safe measures 8,1 cm x 30,7 cm x 25,1 cm, which is ideal for a nightstand or a regular drawer;
  • Hidden hinges – The hinges of the safe are hidden on the inside, making it virtually impossible to break open;
  • 3 Access modes – The safe can be unlocked using the biometric sensor, a security code, or one of the two included override keys;
  • Bolt-down kit – The model comes with a kit that enables the owner to mount it on any wall or piece of furniture;


  • Offers a lot of room – The safe can store one firearm, one or two smartphones, a spare magazine, and jewelry;
  • Hydraulic hinges – The hidden hydraulic hinges are as durable as they come. Furthermore, the fact that they are hidden means that they cannot be broken in order to open the box;


  • A snug fit – The safe is about as large as the interior of a regular drawer, so there won’t be any room to store anything else inside it. You will have to sacrifice the use of one of your nightstand drawers to use this safe;

Who is it for?

The MLD08EB is great if you want an electronic lock safe but do not want to give up the space that a regular, mechanical one offers. You can store a wide variety of objects in this one, and it is fairly easy to bolt it to the bottom of a drawer.

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4. AmazonBasics Book Safe – An affordable hidden safe for your handguns and valuable items

Sometimes, the best way to keep your firearms safe is by hiding them in a place that nobody would even bother looking. The Book Safe from AmazonBasics is not secure compared to other products on this list, and it will fit only fit very small, compact handguns. However, it is safe that you can place in a drawer or leave on the nightstand, and nobody will know what it is.


  • Fabric cover and spine – The entire outer layer of the safe is made from fabric that makes it virtually indistinguishable from a real book;
  • Key lock with two keys – The safe comes with a key lock that is only visible after opening the cover of the book;
  • Fake front cover – The safe has a front cover that is not attached to the door, resembling a regular book in terms of functionality;
  • Several colors to choose from – The safe comes in red, blue, and black;


  • Hide it in plain sight – It is extremely easy to hide the safe anywhere in the home;
  • Looks real – The safe looks identical to a real book;


  • Small – The safe will only fit very small firearms;
  • Not really secure – This model is designed for camouflage, rather than actual security. The walls of the safe are thin, and they can be punctured using power tools;

Who is it for?

This is a great safe if you love micro-firearms and want to be able to carry them with you or to leave them in plain sight without anyone catching on. The safe is small; however, it is easy to hide anywhere in the home. Either place it in your library or put it on your nightstand, and you’re good to go.

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5. GunVault GV1000C-STD Gun Safe – A standard handgun safe that comes with a fingerprint sensor and a keypad

The GV1000-STD is a standard gun safe that will fit in any drawer and on any shelf. Most of the safe is made from steel, with the only plastic parts being the keypad and the fingerprint sensor. Furthermore, the model has a spring-opened door that will pop open immediately after unlocking it.


  • Steel construction – The safe is made from steel and will not break or dent;
  • Unique keypad design – The keypad is designed to fit the shape of your hand, making it easy to unlock the safe without having to look at it;
  • High fingerprint memory – The fingerprint sensor can store up to 20 fingerprints and constantly updates them to compensate for cuts that you may get from time to time;
  • Foam lining – The inside of the safe is covered with high-density foam that will protect the firearm;


  • Easy to open -Both the keypad and the sensors are easy to reach and use even if you’re not looking at the safe;
  • The door pops open – The door automatically opens after unlocking the safe, making it easy to get to the weapon in a couple of seconds;
  • Override keys – The safe also comes with two override keys that can be used in case the batteries are fully depleted;


  • Batteries drain fast – The AA batteries that power the safe usually only last for a week;

Who is it for?

The GV1000-STD is a great choice for individuals who only need a safe to store their handgun. The model does not offer a lot of room for anything else. This having been said, the uniquely designed keypad is great if you ever need to get to the contents without looking at the safe, or in complete darkness.

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Handguns are a great way to defend yourself and to keep your family and home safe, but they need to be stored properly. Do not underestimate the importance of getting the best safe that you have access to. A quality safe will keep your weapons away from your children, but will also give you access to them in a matter of seconds if the need arises.

Go through the information that we have included in our buying guide and pay special attention to the type of lock that you’re getting with the safe. This is the most important part of the entire product, both in terms of durability and ease of access. If you cannot open your gun safe fast enough, you cannot efficiently protect your home.

Most specialists recommend that you get a biometric safe if you can afford one. The fingerprint sensor on these products is extremely accurate and cannot be bypassed without specialized equipment and a bit of time. Furthermore, safes that feature fingerprint sensors can be opened in under 3 seconds, allowing you to get the weapon faster in case of an emergency.

Overall, spending time in order to ensure that you get the best nightstand gun safe for your home will make it easier to protect your children from the weapons, and also help you use your firearms to keep the family safe.