5 Fun Indulgences That Will Make Any Adult Feel Like a Kid Again

Let’s face it. Sometimes adulting is just too much to handle. Feel Like a Kid Again Stress on the job, crazy schedules, looming bill payments – it’s all enough to make you go berserk.  If you can relate, you might be looking for indulgences so you can get back to those carefree days of your childhood.

You know what we mean. We’re talking about those halcyon days when you could play hookie and go skating with friends. Or the days when you could spend the afternoon getting to the next level on your favorite Nintendo game.

While being an adult might mean obligations and responsibilities, it shouldn’t have to quash the fun out of life all the time.  With this in mind, here are a few ideas to indulge in youthful fun – even when you’re trying to hack it as a respectable adult.

1- Get Your Fandom On

If you, like many, are wild about certain pop culture trends or cult classics, then why not indulge? There’s nothing like reconnecting with your youth and boosting your joy by surrounding yourself with the brands and franchises that make your heart sing.  Feel Like a Kid AgainFor instance, go ahead and book that weekend trip to Comic-Con. Go nuts and go fully costumed for the ultimate fun, fab convention experience.

Do you say you can’t get away? No problem. Bring Comic-Con to you with a My Hero Academia merch box. This is a unique subscription box packed with cosplay costumes, action figures, accessories, and clothing featuring all your favorite anime heroes and villains. This and other themed merch subscription boxes are certain to lift your spirits and make you feel like a kid again.

2- Recapture the Classics

When you were a kid, did you drool over classic cars? Or, maybe your folks gave you a train set that rendered endless hours of fun.  Why not resurrect those classic icons from your youth in your adult life today?  We’re not suggesting you go out and buy a full-sized ’67 Chevy.

However, there’s no harm in getting a toy model of your favorite vintage car, putting it together, and painting it to recapture those childhood memories.

The same concept goes for trains; go to a hobby store and indulge in a starter train set.  The process of setting it up and watching those choo-choo’s chug along is bound to bring a smile to your face. The point here is to resurrect those childhood classics in order to find solace, peace, and relaxation among the hectic trials adulthood may kick up in your life.

3- Get Melodic With Memories

In the way you can recapture childhood moments with classic memorabilia, you can do the same with music. Music has a magical way of making you feel energized and vitalized.  Moreover, scientific research has also shown that music can keep your brain young. So, take a walk down memory lane by playing some of those iconic tunes you loved in your youth.

You can even go a step further with this melodic indulgence by getting into old-school music-playing devices.  For instance, invest in a record player and crank up some old 45s.  There’s a reason vinyl is becoming more trendy these days.  It’s because listening to classic tunes the way we did back in the “good old days” is a brilliant way to connect with simpler, more carefree days of yesteryear.

4- Make Mud Pies

Well, not literally make mud pies (but you certainly could if that’s your thing).  We’re talking about getting dirty, communing with mud, jumping into leaf piles, etc.  If, as a kid, you were constantly head-to-toe in some kind of grime, why not relive those days?  Getting mucky out in nature has a remarkable way of making us feel energized and more youthful.

You can re-experience that zeal by getting your hands in the dirt by growing a garden.  Or, go for a romping 4×4 ride or mountain biking down the muddiest trails you can find.  Something about getting dirty throws all the prim and proper rules out the window. As a result, “grunge fun” is a great way to feel like a kid again.

Feel Like a Kid Again

5- Get Creative

One of the best ways to unplug from the obligations and harsh realities of adulthood is to get lost in a creative project.  For some, it might be painting.  For others, the artistic expression might look like working with fabrics or yarn.

Whatever you choose, imagine yourself as a kid, just aimlessly creating something from thin air – for no reason or purpose. That’s the essence of boundless childhood joy.

In conclusion, we hope these ideas for fun indulgences help you get back in your “kid zone.” Whatever you do, try to incorporate more fun and play in your life, because as they say, all work and no play makes for dull adults!

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