Interesting Ways To Style Your Beard

Beards are everywhere. Nowadays it’s on trend to not only sport a long beard but to also grow our hair to go with it. Beards have even been a hot topic in the news recently, with several celebrities growing out their facial hair in support of a variety of causes.Style Your Beard

But even if you’re not growing your beard for charity, it’s important to keep your grooming routine up so that your beard looks great, both in your personal and professional life. Here are some ideas on how to style your beard in interesting and fun ways.

Full Beard

The full beard is the most common style of beard, and it’s also one of the most versatile. You can grow out your facial hair until it reaches whatever length and shape you want, whether that means shaving off all your sideburns or keeping them long enough to curl into a handlebar mustache.

You can go for a clean shave or keep some stubble around your neck and under your chin; either way, if you have access to a razor and some blades, there are plenty of ways to style a full beard.

A full beard is perfect for men who want to grow out their facial hair but aren’t sure what they’re going for in terms of length or shape yet. There is a freedom that comes with having so much space between their face and nose makes it easy to experiment with different styles.


The ducktail is a great way to style your beard. It’s much like it sounds and men who grow beards often shape and style them into the shape of a duck’s tail. You can wear this with a full beard or a goatee.

It’s a stylish beard option that even celebrities have chosen over the years. It gives a clean and classic look. For men who struggle to get that full beard look, there are plenty of things to help, such as trying a beard roller to cover up thin or patchy spots.

Short Boxed Beard

The short box beard is a good style for men who have a round face. The main difference between this type of beard and a full beard is that you keep it trimmed close to the face to ensure there are no bushy hairs. Stars like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine have been known to wear this type of beard.


Want to grow a goatee? First, start by growing your hair out long enough. It can take some men months to get enough hair to turn into a goatee. In the meantime, keep it trimmed, and styled to ensure it looks the way you want. Goatees are great for men who may have patchiness on the cheeks and up to the sideburns.

To trim a goatee, use clippers or scissors, depending on the length and thickness of your facial hair. For longer facial hair, use clippers; for shorter facial hair, use scissors. If you’re unsure about how much length there is in your beard area, consult with an experienced barber or cosmetologist who can show you how best to do this step without accidentally cutting yourself.

Curtain Beard

If you’re good at growing a mustache, this one’s for you. The curtain beard is an extremely popular beard style. It is a long mustache that extends past the jawline and connects to the sideburns, creating a partial curtain-like appearance.

The beard can either be left natural or styled into shape, depending on your preference and face shape. Men use waxes and pomades to encourage their hair to go in a particular direction when they are growing their beards. Style Your Beard Use scissors or clippers for trimming and shaping purposes only when necessary. If you’re not careful, you may end up cutting too much.

Style Your Beard

Goatee With a Soul Patch

The soul patch is a great beard option for beginners.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try the goatee with a soul patch. If you’re not ready to commit to a full beard, this one gives a similar appearance but allows more flexibility in terms of growing out your sideburns without having an unattractive gap between them and your face.

Plus, anyone from hipsters to professionals can pull off this look. The key to any beard look is to wash, style, and care for your beard so that no matter how long it is, it looks stylish and intentional.

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