My Honest Review of ‘Dad and Buried’ – The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

Welcome, fellow dads! Are you tired of sifting through countless parenting blogs that make it seem like everyone else has this whole fatherhood thing figured out? Hold on to your dad hats because I’m about to introduce you to something different – ‘Dad and Buried,’ the anti-parent parenting blog taking the online parent community by storm. Its refreshing blend of humor, brutal honesty, and relatability is set to revolutionize the way we approach parenthood.

So sit back, grab your favorite beverage (yes, even if it’s a juice box), and let’s dive into my honest review of why ‘Dad and Buried’ is about to become not just your guilty pleasure but also an essential part of navigating this wild ride called fatherhood!

The Concept Of Dad And Buried – The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

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Dad and Buried is an unconventional parenting blog that challenges societal expectations of parenthood by providing a humorous and realistic approach to the realities of raising kids.

Overview Of The Blog’s Content

Parenting: it’s both a blessing and a challenge, with no shortage of advice from every corner. But what if there was a blog that cut through the noise, addressing parenthood with humor, raw honesty, and just enough irreverence to make you question (and embrace) the chaos? Enter ‘Dad and Buried,’ an anti-parent parenting blog that takes on the highs and lows of fatherhood while shattering traditional expectations.

Trust me when I say that this is not your average dad blog! Mike Julianelle — father, writer, and bonafide rule-breaker—brings his unique perspective on raising kids without sugarcoating or glorifying the experience. Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to parenting? Dive into my honest review of ‘Dad and Buried’ – it’s about time we redefine what it means to be a modern-day parent!

Humorous And Realistic Approach To Parenting

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One aspect of ‘Dad and Buried’ that truly sets it apart from other parenting blogs for dads is its humorous and realistic approach to parenting. Rather than preaching a “perfect parent” image, the author embraces the messy reality of raising children by sharing his own personal experiences, frustrations, and moments of joy through candid stories sprinkled with wit.

As an occasional “daddy blogger” myself, I find refreshing solace in reading posts from someone who understands the need to occasionally laugh at ourselves amidst our daily struggles as parents. The humor banishes feelings of inadequacy, often spurred by mainstream media’s portrayal of picture-perfect families. Instead, Dad and Buried shows us that successful parenting isn’t about being flawless – it’s about facing challenges head-on while maintaining a sense of humor!

My Honest Review Of Dad And Buried

Dad and Buried’s relatable content, emphasis on breaking traditional parenting molds, and focus on the realities of parenthood have made it a refreshing resource for parents; read on to discover why you, too, should be following this anti-parent parenting blog.

Relatable Content For Parents

As a dad myself, I know firsthand how difficult parenting can be. That’s why finding a parenting blog like Dad and Buried has been such a game-changer for me. The content on this blog is incredibly relatable and tackles real-life situations that parents face every day.

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What sets Dad and Buried apart from other parenting blogs is its focus on breaking traditional parenting molds. As dads, we’re often expected to take the backseat when it comes to raising our children, but that’s not the case with this blog. It encourages us to embrace unconventional choices over rigid parental expectations, which makes it easier for readers like me to relate to its content on a personal level.

Importance Of Breaking Traditional Parenting Molds

Parents today are faced with the challenge of raising their children in a world that is constantly evolving. With traditional parenting methods no longer fitting into modern times, it’s important to break these molds and create new approaches that work for our families. By doing so, we can raise children who are independent thinkers, self-regulating, and able to handle life’s challenges.

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Mike Julianelle and his son. Photo via Dad and Buried on Instagram.

One way to break traditional parenting molds is by embracing anti-choice abandonment over rigid expectations. This means letting go of control and allowing your child to make choices based on their own wants and needs. This approach promotes trust between parent and child while also teaching children how to make decisions for themselves.

Another important aspect of breaking traditional parenting molds is encouraging open and honest communication between parent and child throughout their development. Gone are the days of authoritarian rule; parents must now take on the role of mentors for their children as they grow into adulthood. By creating an environment where discussion is encouraged rather than punished, parents can help teach valuable lessons about empathy, respect, and kindness – all crucial traits for successful adults.

Overall, it’s becoming increasingly clear that old-fashioned parenting practices aren’t always effective in today’s world. Instead of forcing our kids into rigid structures formed long ago without any consideration for individual differences or developmental stages in mind, let’s embrace new ways of thinking about how best to guide them through life while ensuring they develop the independence skills necessary to flourish when facing uncertainties ahead – all while fostering strong bonds built around mutual trust & respect along the way!

Focus On The Realities Of Parenting

As a dad, I know that parenting isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. The reality is that there are good days and bad days, and sometimes it feels like there are more bad than good. Dad and Buried understands this reality of parenting, which is why their blog focuses on providing relatable content for parents who need to vent about the challenges they face. This means embracing the messiness of parenting instead of pretending everything is perfect.

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It’s refreshing to read a blog that doesn’t shy away from talking about how difficult parenting can be at times. Dad and Buried tackles taboo topics such as feeling overwhelmed or regretting not spending enough time with your kids due to work demands or hobbies. By acknowledging these realities, they encourage us dads to approach parenthood with flexibility rather than rigidity based on society’s expectations.

Dad and Buried promotes an honest dialogue around what it truly means to be a parent in today’s world without judgment towards any individual’s style. It encourages open communication among parents so we can support each other through challenging situations without promoting unhealthy competition among ourselves by comparing ourselves with others daily!

Community Aspect Of The Blog

One of the things I love about Dad and Buried is its strong community aspect. As parents, we often feel isolated in our struggles and can sometimes feel like we’re the only ones going through certain challenges. But with this blog’s comment section, dads from all walks of life can engage in discussions and share their own experiences.

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The blog also has a Facebook group that serves as a safe space for parents to vent, ask for advice, and connect with others who are going through the same thing. It’s refreshing to see how open and non-judgmental this group is – something that’s hard to come by these days.

Overall, the community aspect of Dad and Buried fosters an environment where dads can feel heard, understood, and supported. It’s one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this blog time after time – because it reminds me that I’m not alone in my parenting journey.

Revolutionizing Parenting Through Dad And Buried

Dad and Buried is revolutionizing parenting by challenging societal expectations of perfect parenting, encouraging open and honest discussions about the realities of raising kids, promoting self-care and mental health for parents, and celebrating the imperfections of parenthood.

Challenging Societal Expectations Of Parenting

As dads, we’re often expected to be the superheroes of our households – unyielding pillars of strength and stability. But what happens when that expectation becomes too much to bear? Dad and Buried challenges these traditional parenting roles by giving us permission to embrace our flaws, imperfections, and vulnerabilities. Through this blog, we can break down societal expectations of what a “perfect” parent looks like while still being great fathers.

By challenging the status quo in how we approach parenthood, Dad and Buried empowers us as parents to go against the grain in raising our children instead of conforming to conventions. They encourage open discussions about difficult topics such as mental health struggles or work-life balance issues rather than brushing them under the rug. This type of transparency helps other dads feel seen as they navigate their own journeys through fatherhood while breaking free from stereotypes that have held us captive for far too long.

Encouraging Open And Honest Discussions About Parenting

One of the most significant aspects that make Dad and Buried stand out is its encouragement of open and honest discussions about parenting. The blog acknowledges that parenting can be hard, and no one has all the answers. It creates a space where parents can talk about their struggles without feeling judged, which is important for building a supportive community.

By promoting such conversations, Dad and Buried is helping to challenge societal expectations surrounding parenthood. Parents are no longer expected to have everything figured out or keep any struggles they might be having bottled up inside them. This transparency is leading to more open-mindedness among parents in terms of what successful parenting looks like, ultimately promoting self-care and mental health for parents everywhere.

Promoting Self-care And Mental Health For Parents

As a father, I know firsthand how challenging and stressful parenting can be. That’s why it’s crucial that we prioritize our own mental health and well-being as parents. Dad and Buried’s approach to promoting self-care and mental health for parents are refreshing and much-needed in today’s fast-paced world.

The blog encourages parents to take time for themselves, whether it means indulging in a hobby or simply taking a few minutes each day to relax. It also stresses the importance of seeking support when needed, whether from friends, family members, or professional therapists. By promoting self-care practices among parents, Dad and Buried acknowledges that caring for oneself is just as important as caring for one’s children.

Moreover, the blog recognizes that mental health challenges are common among parents but often go unaddressed due to stigmas attached to them. Dad and Buried helps reduce this stigma by providing a safe space where parents can discuss their struggles openly without fear of judgment or criticism. By normalizing discussions around parental mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, or personality difficulties through humor which they creatively blend into their content; they help break down stereotypes associated with parenting while living with these conditions

and encourage an open dialogue about supporting one another during tough times.

Celebrating The Imperfections Of Parenting

As a dad, I understand the pressure to appear like you have everything under control when it comes to parenting. However, Dad and Buried encourages us to embrace our imperfections as parents. Instead of striving for perfection, we can learn to appreciate the chaos that comes with raising children.

The blog’s anti-parenting approach reminds us that no one is an expert in this field. We all make mistakes and have moments where we feel like we are failing as parents. But through humor and authenticity, Dad and Buried creates a community where dads can celebrate their mistakes instead of hiding them.

By embracing the imperfections of parenting, we can ease some of the unnecessary stress that comes with trying to live up to impossible standards. And who knows? Maybe by sharing our struggles as fathers, we might just help other dads feel less alone in their own journey through parenthood.

Why Every Parent Should Read Dad And Buried

Reading Dad and Buried is essential for every parent looking to challenge societal expectations, embrace parenting imperfections, find common ground with others, and add some humor to their parenthood journey.

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Changing The Parenting Narrative Through Humor And Authenticity

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Author Mike Julianelle via LinkedIn.

As a dad and frequent reader of parenting blogs, I can confidently say that Dad and Buried stands out from the rest. What sets it apart is their approach to humor and authenticity in parenting, which can help to change the way we view parenthood. By promoting raw emotions and poking fun at traditional parenting expectations, Dad and Buried encourages parents to embrace their imperfections without shame.

Through hilarious anecdotes, relatable content, and a focus on breaking down societal norms about what’s expected of parents, Dad and Buried challenges readers to think outside the box when it comes to raising kids. This refreshing perspective has not only resonated with countless parents but also created an incredibly supportive community for those who are looking for a fresh take on this demanding role.

Finding Common Ground With Other Parents

As a dad, it’s easy to get caught up in our own parenting styles and forget that we’re not alone on this journey. One of the incredible things about Dad and Buried is its emphasis on finding common ground with other parents who may have different approaches than ours. By taking the time to understand where they’re coming from and respecting their choices, we can learn so much from each other.

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Whether it’s joining parent groups or attending community events, Dad and Buried emphasizes breaking down the walls between parents to create an understanding and empathetic environment that benefits everyone involved. By finding common ground with each other, we can unite as parents to raise confident, happy kids while supporting each other along the way.

In a world where parenting advice seems never-ending and often contradictory, finding common ground with others can provide relief for overwhelmed dads seeking guidance. With resources like “Seattle Mama Doc” and “Forever Parents-Common Ground,” along with Dad and Buried’s relatable content, dads are empowered to create an open dialogue around raising children while connecting with fellow parents through shared experiences.

Embracing The Inevitable Chaos And Challenges Of Parenting

Parenting is no easy task, and any experienced dad knows that it comes with its fair share of chaos and challenges. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless cycle of sleepless nights, tantrums, and laundry piles. However, what I’ve learned from my experience as a father is that embracing the inevitable chaos is key to surviving parenthood.

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One way we can embrace the chaos is by letting go of rigidity in our parenting approach. Instead of striving for perfection or following rigid routines, we should learn to be more flexible and adaptable in responding to our children’s needs. This means being open-minded about different approaches to child-rearing and learning from other parents who might have unique insights into raising kids in their own ways.

Ultimately, embracing the chaos also means taking care of ourselves as dads. We need to acknowledge our emotions and feelings when things get tough, whether it’s through therapy or just making time for self-care activities like exercise or hobbies outside of parenting. By focusing on our mental health and well-being alongside our children’s needs, we can find greater balance amidst all the challenges that come with raising a family.

Final Thoughts On The Influence Of Dad And Buried In Revolutionizing The Way We Approach Parenthood.

Personally, as a dad who has had his fair share of parenting challenges, I believe that Dad and Buried’s influence on modern parenting is crucial. The blog’s focus on breaking traditional molds and promoting self-care for parents is refreshing, helping to challenge the societal expectations of being a parent. This approach allows us dads to embrace our parental imperfections while also finding humor in the chaotic moments.

Moreover, with its emphasis on honest discussions about parenting, Dad and Buried helps foster an online community where we can connect with other parents experiencing similar struggles. In doing so, it brings us closer together by sharing experiences that debunk stereotypes surrounding fatherhood. So if you’re looking for that much-needed support system or want to learn how to become more relaxed as a parent – this blog guides you through just that!

Frequently Asked Questions (About Dad and Buried)

What is ‘Dad and Buried,’ and how does it differ from other parenting blogs?

‘Dad and Buried’ is an anti-parenting blog that takes a humorous approach to modern-day parenting challenges. Unlike other parenting blogs that focus on portraying the perfect family life, this blog embraces the reality of being a parent, including the highs and lows.

How can reading ‘Dad and Buried’ benefit parents?

Reading ‘Dad and Buried’ can be beneficial for parents as it provides them with relatable content that resonates with their everyday struggles. The humor-filled articles help alleviate stress while providing tips on how to handle challenging situations in a more lighthearted manner.

Is ‘Dad and Buried’ appropriate for all age groups?

While the focus of the blog is primarily on parents, some of its content may not be suitable for younger readers due to language or mature themes. Parents should use their discretion when sharing content with their children.

Can individuals contribute their own experiences or stories to ‘Dad and Buried’?

Yes, users can submit guest posts either anonymously or publicly sharing their own experiences as parents or caregivers on the website’s “Contact” page. However, submissions must adhere to guidelines set forth by the site’s editorial team regarding content quality standards before being published on the blog itself.


Dad and Buried is not your average parenting blog. It’s an online community that welcomes parents with open arms, understanding that we all have bad days and shortcomings. Mike Julianelle’s humor-infused perspective on parenting is both refreshing and liberating, a breath of fresh air for any parent who has ever felt like they don’t belong in the traditional parenting mold.

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By defying societal expectations and celebrating imperfections, Dad and Buried is revolutionizing the way we approach parenthood. Its unfiltered take on life as a parent promotes self-care, sparks important discussions about mental health, and helps us find common ground with other parents struggling through this wild ride.

If you’re a parent looking for some real talk without judgment or unrealistic expectations, then Dad and Buried should definitely be on your radar. As someone who’s been there myself, I can honestly say that reading this blog has helped me see my own parenting journey in a new light – imperfect but still full of love.

In conclusion, I highly recommend giving ‘Dad And Buried’ – The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog a read if you haven’t already. Who knows? You might even find yourself laughing at some of its relatable content while gaining valuable insights into becoming the best parent you can possibly be!

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