5 Popular Emojis in Everyday Conversation

Emojis are famously used not only in texting but also in chat especially in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The word Emoji comes from the combined Japanese words e (picture) and emoji (character). Emojis are somewhat simplified ways of expressing one’s emotions and feelings towards a person. If we try to look back and take a glimpse of the past, it is so hard to recognize one’s emotions or feelings mostly when we are conversing in text or chat. But as the modern world continues to develop with its advanced technology and invention, emojis are created to improve communication and minimize misunderstandings.

Communication plays an important role in life because, without it, humans would fail to expand in every endeavour. Aside from that, communication makes things in order. Thus, emojis are tools to improve communication to easily understand one’s message. Somehow, emojis can replace words, for instance in saying “you’re so hot”, we just send the fire emoji. Therefore, sending emojis is a better way of expressing something toward the recipient of the message and for them to easily understand the context in a simple manner. Here are five emojis that we can use in everyday conversation.

Smiling Face With Heart Shaped-Eyes

This emoji is commonly understood as expressing love and infatuation. However, it is not only limited to a romantic perspective but sometimes a platonic one. With this, the receiver of the message can easily understand what the other tries to convey. Though there are other ways to express it through lengthy words, this one is simplified and more vivid. It somehow summarizes the entire feeling of a person which is huge love and affection.

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Face Blowing A Kiss

This emoji shows a clear romantic nature. Most of the time, it expresses a declaration of love towards someone. This is popularly used by lovers to show their feelings digitally. On the other hand, it also indirectly shows the intimate feeling of telling the person to take care because there’s someone who loves them. It is generally an expression of a genuine feeling of love towards the beloved.

Face With Tears of Joy

This emoji is one way of expressing great amusement over something that had been done or said by someone. I’m sure everyone here has experienced hearing a joke and ended up laughing so hard until tears rolled down our face. This emoji best describes that feeling. Aside from that, it is a great way to express how happy you are for an event or a person. It summarizes the phrase “so happy I could cry” into one emoji.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing

This emoji is mostly used when someone sends you something funny. Basically, this emoji shows that you are not only laughing, but you are laughing so hard that you can’t help but roll on the floor (okay, maybe not literally). Use it when somebody sends you a screenshot of a funny meme.

Smiling Face With Sunglasses

This emoji expresses being chill, cool, or easy-go-lucky. It somehow suggests that there is nothing to worry about and that everything is well. It exudes peacefulness, serenity, or chillness at every moment. It somewhat gives us the impression that life is beautiful and there is no need to worry or to be pressured about.


Indeed, emojis are totally part of our daily communication because of its usefulness. For one, it simplifies the message and allows us to easily understand what the other person is saying. It is helpful in more ways than we know. Emojis express the extent of our emotions. Case in point, the more heart emojis, the more it suggests a deep love. For every emoji or character conveys a very significant meaning or intention on something we failed to express in words or maybe also in actions.

Hence, emojis continue to progress and develop due to its purpose of helping other people express their emotions. If we try to consider, every now and then, new emojis are being created not just only for the sake of inventing them but most especially for improving not only the way we communicate but also our lives and relationships with other people.

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