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Bullet Stud Earrings

Bullet Stud Earrings

$ 29.00

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Looking for unique pieces of jewelry that captures the class and strength of the Southern Belle, these Bourbon & Boots exclusive Bullet Stud Earrings are part of the four-piece Bullet Jewelry Collection and is sure to turn heads.  Unlike other bullet casing earrings or bullet shell earrings these gold bullet stud earrings are true conversation pieces. These aren’t your typical gold bullet stud earrings. Their delicate design, yet heavy cast is complimented with the prowess and strength of a bullet jewelry design and is sure to be conversation starter with your friends.

  • Bullet Stud Earrings, part of Bullet Jewelry Collection
  • Bullet Stud Earrings Gold (18kt plated)
  • Bullet Stud Earrings Materials: Crystal; Zinc; Brass
  • Bullet Stud Earrings Closure: Post 
  • Bullet Stud Earrings Dimensions: .4375” Round
Be sure and add the matching Bullet Jewelry Collection including Bullet Pendant Necklace, and Bullet Ring, Bullet Bangle and Braided Bullet Bracelet.


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