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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Top Lazy Susan

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Top Lazy Susan

$ 109.00

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A Southern Inspired Kitchen just isn't complete without the presence of a Lazy Susan. The explanation of how this convenient revolving serving tray came into existence or exactly who was Susan has been lost to history.  Many folklore claim it's an American invention and trace its name to an advertisement as a Revolving Server in a 1917 edition of Vanity Fair.  Others claim that Thomas Jefferson brought back from France a device called an étagères, or rotating table.  Still others claim the invention originated in China as part of the dim sum cuisine allowing for communal sharing of food. 

Regardless of the origins, we are pleased to have found a Lazy Susan that is uniquely American, being handcrafted utilizing the top of a Barrel after its useful life of aging Kentucky Bourbon.  The top is clearly marked with the original stampings of its life as a Bourbon Barrel.  Our barrel tops vary, based upon availability from the distilleries, but our most common barrels are from Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey or Jim Beam. If you have a preference as to which specific bourbon barrel top you would like, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

The wood top is coated in polyurethane to protect it from water or stain damage and the bottom of the Barrel top is reinforced to ensure no splitting of the wood.  The reclaimed barrel top is fixed to a steel ball bearing rotating base that is rated for up to 700 pounds. 

This functional furnishing is sure to be a conversation piece that allows you to easily share food, condiments, wine or anything else you may choose for your kitchen guests. 

  • Material:  Reclaimed Oak Bourbon Barrel Top 
  • Size: 21 1/2" Diameter


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