Nine Pearls

For the Love of Nine Pearls

Who doesn’t love pearls? A unusual pearl or a cluster of pearls many years ago would have been called the Southern Cross pearl. It is approximately nine pearls that are attached together. When these pearls are attached together a Roman cross is formed that is about 1 1/2 inches long. The arms are formed by one pearl on each side of the second one. This particular type of formation was presented in 1886 at the Colonial and Indian exhibition in 1889.

In 1889, the Southern Cross pearl was presented at the Paris exhibition where the popularity was increasing. At this point in time, the Southern Cross pearl was presented a gold medal. There were many reports that this pearl was going to sold for $10,000, but this information has never been confirmed.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pearls

If you don’t know anything about pearls, now is the perfect time to learn. There are four different types of pearls.

The first type of pearl is going to be the Akoya. This is a classic white pearl that has mild overtones of rose, cream, and silver. The size of this pearl generally runs approximately 5mm – 11mm. If a person is seeking a darker color, these pearls can be treated so that the pearl will have more of a black body color. Akoya pearls are relatively affordable, but they can get into the $3,000 range.

The next type of pearl is going to be the South Sea pearl. This is a unique type of pearl, because the color is a mix between silky silver and a deep golden tone. These pearls are considered extremely rare and they are also extremely expensive. The South Sea pearl is going to be around or near round and the size will range from 9mm – 11mm. You can expect to pay almost $30,000 if you find a high quality South Sea pearl.

The Freshwater pearl has a nice round appearance, but occasionally you might see a button or a baroque shaped pearl. These pearls have a wide range of coloring. You can expect to see a lavender pearl or you might see a white pearl. These pearls also have many different options for color, because they can be dyed. This is another affordable pearl with the high quality price ranging right around $1,500.

The last type of pearl is going to be the Tahitian. This is another expensive type of pearl that only achieve natural black body color. The interesting fact about this type of pearl is that the colors can actually range from dark greens and in some cases you might even see a light silver colored pearl. Most of these pearls are going to be round or near round, but you might find an occasional baroque. You can expect to pay between $100 up to $10,000 for this amazing type of pearl.

The Beauty of Ocean Pearl is valued at $139 million. This is the biggest and the most expensive pearl in the world. This pearl is composed of fluorite and is green. This pearl weighs approximately 6 tons and is 5 feet tall. The pearl was found in Mongolia, China.

The rarest colors of pearls are going to be Akoya pearls. These pearls are generally blue with silver but occasionally one of the pearls will have a pink overtone. That is an extremely rare color combination. A normal color of a pearl can range from a white or it can go towards a pink tone, but the silver color tones will also appear frequently.

Fake pearl? Yes, they do actually exist. A real pearl when rubbed against your teeth will have a slight gritty texture, but a fake pearl is going to feel smooth almost like glass or plastic. That is a really easy way to determine the real pearls from the fake ones. Also if you look closely at the pearl, you will be able to see tiny little imperfections. This shape will obviously be round, but you can see little tiny layers if you look carefully.

Let’s Go Pearl Shopping

Who isn’t going to absolutely not love this high grade natural color freshwater pearl cross pendant? This is a really neat necklace that is affordable with sterling silver and CZ. This can be worn anytime of the day for any occasion. The stones in this necklace are individually hand-picked. The design for this necklace was done in New York but they are handcrafted in China. The necklace is adjustable, so you can go between 16 inches or 18 inches in length. The sterling silver has a high grade of silver rhodium to keep this necklace from tarnishing.

All the ladies that have a birthday in June are going to absolutely love this June birthstone white pearl necklace. This has a 20 inch chain and it is made out of sterling silver. The pendant setting has a round shaped white pearl Swarovski. Both the pendant and the chain are both made out of sterling silver. This has a special design that is exquisite making this white pearl necklace an amazing centerpiece. The necklace has a 60 day moneyback guarantee. This can be a gift or it can be for yourself, but don’t forget anniversaries or any celebration for women of any age.

The 925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Cross is a stunning gift idea that would be ideal for any one. This is premium sterling silver with a hypoallergenic cross. This has a 100% satisfaction moneyback guarantee and it also has a lifetime warranty. This is an American owned and operated company.

The Beauniq Freshwater Cultured Pearl Cross necklace is approximately 18 inches in length. This pendant necklace is available in 14 karat gold or you have the option to get white gold. The freshwater pearls are perfectly round and they are almost blemish free. This is a really nice solid necklace that only costs $100.

There are many different variations of pearls. Choosing the right pearl necklace is a delicate task, but it can be rewarding – if you find a unique necklace with lots of character.

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