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Thelma & Louise Friendship Half Heart Necklace

Thelma & Louise Friendship Half Heart Necklace

$ 39.99

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Does your best friend bring out the rebel in you? She better, what else are BFF's for? Celebrate the girl that pushes you to do unbelievable and outrageous things with these handmade Thelma and Louise Friendship Half Heat Necklaces. These half heart paired friendship necklaces are for the best friends who always have the wind in their hair, and the law hot on their heels. The shiny brass and silver combo make this the perfect match for any outfit and a perfect gift for anyone looking for a cute best friend necklace. 

Each order contains two half heart best friend heart necklaces - one for Thelma and one for her Louise.

  • 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain
  • Brass Engraved Half Heart Necklace
  • Silver Alloy Revolver with each BFF Necklace
  • Handmade Necklace for BFF's

Set includes (1) Thelma & (1) Louise Half Heart Friendship Necklace


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