Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Top Lazy Susan

Tips About the Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Top Lazy Susan

The history of the Lazy Susan has never been completely solved, so the mystery of who was Susan has been unanswered throughout history. The past version is that it’s an American invention that was an advertisement as a Revolving Service in Vanity Fair during the year 1917. Other historians have said that Thomas Jefferson brought back a certain device from France called a rotating table. That is the explanation of where the name came from.

Now, this unique device is considered a part of history using the top of a barrel that made Kentucky bourbon. It is interesting to look at all of these barrel tops, because you can choose where and when your bourbon barrel came from. These Lazy Susan’s are coated in polyurethane to protect the top from any damage from water or stains from wine. It also has a strong reinforcement from the bottom which will allow the barrel top to rotate without any issues. The bourbon barrel Lazy Susan is a great conversational piece.

New Reclaimed Lazy Susan’s

  • The first bourbon barrel head is going to be from WhiskeyMade. This is a fantastic Kentucky born distillery bourbon barrel head. The top is made out of 100% American white oak that was used in a Kentucky distillery. The Lazy Susan is a full 21 inches across made with ball bearings, so that it is really smooth when it is spinning. The stamp on the top has the batch number, the warehouse location, and any other relevant distillery information. Consumers will appreciate the fact that this is a rare unique product. Also, purchasing this product means if you receive a defective or even a damaged Lazy Susan, the manufacturer will stand take care of their customer.
  • This is a great looking Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Top Lazy Susan that is authentic. The whiskey barrel tops have up in age for at least a minimum of four years. Each white oak barrel comes direct from the distillery and will measure between 21”-22” in diameter. This is a great accessory for a rustic decor look. Since these are customized, your whiskey barrel Lazy Susan will not be made until the time of ordering. Normally, it will take approximately one business day for production time. All of the barrel tops always have a large Kentucky distillery stamp on the top. Also, if any consumers ever receive a damaged or a defective product, it can be replaced promptly.

These are perfect examples of different types of Lazy Susan’s. You need to determine your budget in order to figure out which one of the Lazy Susan’s is going to work.

Party Time with a Lazy Susan

If you are thinking of throwing a summer barbecue or a summer party using a Lazy Susan, this is going to be a fantastic idea. The first thing you need to do is decide how many people are going to be attending your summer party and the location. You want to get a headcount, because you will need to be sure that you get enough food and utensils for your party. One thing that almost everyone forgets – how is the food going to be served? This is where you need to decide if you plan on doing more of a buffet style? Or does having an actual sitdown meal sound better?

You need to think of the layout and how all of your guests are going to manage best. A buffet is fantastic if you plan on having a large amount of people, because you can then space all of the food out. A Lazy Susan is going to be handy, but more than likely you will need to have more than one. By using multiple Lazy Susan’s, you will be able to utilize your space more efficiently and your guests will be able to move quickly through the line.

Planning a Buffet Meal with a Lazy Susan

Who doesn’t love a buffet? This is a fantastic way to serve many guests by using multiple tables and multiple Lazy Susan’s. When you get your menu put together, you will need to start thinking about the different food items that will be best on a Lazy Susan.

  • Obviously, every single party is going to have a protein. All of the proteins need to be spread out and have their own individual Lazy Susan. This will make it easier for the guests to get to the food, but all they need to do is swirl the Lazy Susan around to get more food.
  • All of the side dishes can have separate dishes where they can or cannot be on a Lazy Susan. This is really at the discretion of the host. You don’t want to overdo it with Lazy Susan’s, but you also want to have enough.
  • Wine and cheese is a super popular appetizer! This is an excellent way to greet all of your guests by having multiple wine and cheese plates on Lazy Susan’s throughout your entire party.

You can also change the way you want your tables to be set up. You can create one big long line or you can create multiple stations for each different table having different food groups. You really have the power to create a fantastic buffet spread that everyone will enjoy.

Creating a nice dinner where everyone can sit down at the dinner table is also another great way to use a few Lazy Susan’s. Generally, you will only need two or maybe three Lazy Susan’s for a sit down dinner. Situations like this do not require too much planning, because this could be a regular thing for your family. Smaller dinner tables are great for these types of barrel tops, because it is easy to serve a casserole or even a simple meal such as tacos. You can put all of the condiments on the barrel tops for easy accessibility. The cleanup is also much easier – which any host is going to greatly appreciate.

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