6 Reasons Why Roof Top Tents are Changing the Camping Game

There are a lot of things to love about roof top tents. They offer a more modern solution for camping for those who aren’t into traditional tent camping and a more portable option than renting an RV or full-size camper. The market is growing quickly and for good reason.

Roof Top Tents

Here are six reasons that roof top tents are changing your camping game for the better.

  1. Roof top tents keep you off the ground. There’s nothing worse than laying on the cold, hard ground at night and trying to get some sleep. You could even have to deal with getting wet, feeling the cold of the ground and struggling to get warm, and more. Plus, there are no bugs or other desert creatures to worry about when you’re up off the ground.
  2. You can take these roof top tents anywhere. You no longer have to find dedicated campgrounds with the appropriate spaces and setup, as well as the right features and utilities. All you need is a car and a place to park, and you’ll be ready to sleep securely in just seconds.
  3. These roof top tents come in tons of sizes and styles. Not only can you get a secure place to sleep, but you can choose a stylish model that fits your tastes and stands out to show people how serious you are about your offroad camping.
  4. You will have more space in your vehicle for all the gear that you need to bring along, or even for the other people on the trip. Your tent could sleep one, two, or three and there will still be room in the vehicle for others to sleep or for all of your luggage to be stored while you’re snoozing on the roof.
  5. Roof top tents and hard-shell tents are becoming more affordable. Unlike campers and other camping gear that keep going up in price, these roof top tents are quite affordable when compared to the other options for camping. You can find tons of different models to fit any budget and any vehicle, giving you the chance to camp out in a new way without breaking the bank.
  6. You can be more secure than you’d ever feel on the ground. Not only will you be safe from weather and cold, but you’ll also be up out of the way of bugs, animals, and other nuisances that can come along. Plus, you’ll be with your car so if you need even more shelter, you can transition back to the vehicle, such as if the weather gets severe or you are concerned about predators outside.

Now that you know more about the reasons that people are choosing roof top tents, you’ll be able to get your perfect model for your next adventure. Take the time to shop around and see what’s out there and make sure that you’re buying your hard shell or soft shell roof top tents from brands that you can trust.

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