10 Planning Tips for a Fun Bridal Shower Party

Your friend needs a bridal shower party, and you do not know where to begin. Coordinating a hen party requires a lot of meticulous planning. You are responsible for overseeing visitors, being diplomatic and keeping everything together. It is an exciting assignment.

Have a Conversation With the Bride

You will speak to several people during the planning stage. You need to have an important conversation with the bride. Speak with the bride before you make any plans for her big event. Does she want to celebrate for a day or a weekend? What is the budget for the hen party? How many guests are being invited to the party? How involved does the bride want to be when you are planning the event? Does she want complete oversight of the event?

Let the Bride Choose the Date

Think about the time and the special date. You cannot have a bridal shower party without the bride. She will be the most important person at the event. The date needs to be selected at least six months before the event. The guests will need time to prepare for the party.

Choose a Theme

The hen party needs to have an awesome theme. The theme will make a statement about the event. When you have a theme for the party, you can easily choose activities for the event. There are a lot of great hen party providers. Hen party providers can help you plan the activities and the catering options. There are plenty of options for the perfect hens night party in Brisbane. Popular options are painting, tea parties or cocktail parties. Everyone will be entertained.


Send invitations that have basic details about the event. The guests should know the estimated price per person and a potential location. You might not have chosen a venue yet. The guests should know if they will have to travel more than a few miles for the event. Continually communicate important information about the event. The guests need to be aware of any significant changes to the schedule or location. You can send paper or digital invitations.


Discussing the budget with the guests can be a controversial conversation. You should be transparent about the prices that the guests will be expected to pay. You are less likely to have disgruntled guests at the event when you are upfront about the fees.

Prepare a List of Expectations

Send a list of expectations to the guests. Let the guests know the requirements for attire and food commitments. Give your guests a list of sources for the necessities they need to bring. Your guests will not be overwhelmed by a list of requirements a week before the event.

Plan Breaks for Relaxation

Set aside some time for relaxation. Everyone will need a break from the activities. Make sure that you do not fill every minute with activity. Your guests will want to socialize and make new friends. The guests will remain energized if they are not overwhelmed with activities.

Thank the Guests

After the event, thank the guests for attending the bridal shower party. Pass on any personalized wishes to the bride. You can use technology or cards to thank the guests. Make sure that you thank everyone who attended the event. You do not want anyone to feel unimportant.

Prepare a Keepsake

Make sure that every guest has a keepsake for the bride. Each guest should send you their memories from the event. The bride will appreciate the pictures and video clips from her guests. You can put everything on a DVD. The bride can watch the video when she is reminiscing about her hen party.

Have Fun

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You need to have fun planning the event. It should not be a tedious task. If the bride has chosen you to plan her event, you are special. Stay in a good mood. Do not let the planning overwhelm you.

Every hen party is unique. Yet, there are essential rules that need to be followed. When you follow these rules for planning a bridal shower party, you will have a very successful hen night.

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