What Kind Of Food Do You Serve At A Stag Party?

Stag parties just like any other party out there do not have a standard way to tackle it. People celebrate as they can and hopefully time will pass fast enough to have people regain their sanity for those who had lost or keep it for those who were almost joining the former group.  Stag do events are very popular for their wild, insane and sometimes shaming experiences. An uptight groom is expected to lose the calmness and join a group of wild and adventurous friends who will go at very “dark” heights to make the day a success. Therefore, the food which is set5ved at these parties is up to the mood of the day. You will be surprised that the food you had budgeted for isn’t what is being consumed.

Furthermore, the menu changes depending on who would be in attendance. Sometimes the grooms would include their families and friends in these kinds of parties, which mean the adventures you might have planned for in terms of food say barbeque would be halted in favor of a more inviting arrangement for the family. Therefore, while approaching the food subject, you should do so with some level of flexibility due to unknown circumstances that may arise. Consider the following things and you will hire an entertainment specialist.

  • Create a general weekend plan
guest list
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 If you are in charge of the weekend operations, then before you get your budget right and plans on food and drinks, getting the exact number of attendees helps to ease your work. You will need to consult the groom, who is the main guest of the event about the number of people expected at the stag do. These parties usually require a large number of people to rally up the groom, but then you have the problem of budget. So ensure you have manageable numbers for invitees.

  • Manage the numbers

Usually, a stag event invites people with varied tastes and financial muscle. This way, you will have to manage the stag goers to ensure that no one is left out that you go as a group and on budget. As one will be raving about getting to an expensive cuisine for food, another would be thinking about piling up debts. Mitigate the situation as well as you can so that you don’t end up splitting the group and spoiling the weekend’s fun.

  • Book for food and drinks

Drinks are an essential aspect of stag parties. As the best man, you will be footing bills on behalf of the groom. Therefore, you will need to pay for the drinks and food upfront so that you remain on the budget. This limits spending on impulse and might save you a little more bucks at the end of the party. However, if times emerge when you need to split the bill between the whole group, ensure you do so fairly

  • Food

Stags are male-dominated. Therefore you expect masculine food to be on the menu. Typically meat and booze will rule the weekend.

  • Dress for the occasion

If you are camping in the wilderness, then you are likely going to be hunting for the food, the only thing you need to carry around with you is enough water and alcohol. Therefore, you need to dress for this part of the party. Be ready to get soiled implying you don’t have to put on those extremely expensive pants for this activity.

  • The bottom line

Stags are farewell parties for the grooms who successfully end their bachelor days to join the married life. This is when the groom is rallied to participate in strange activities, including going to strip clubs and doing all the madness that can ever exist. These parties’ success, however, is stemmed on proficient planning and execution of these plans. If you are doing the parties from overseas, then you need to do some reconnaissance before you get on the road. To ensure maximum fun, you need to enjoy new things like alcohol and food from the places you visit.

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