Top Male Bloggers to Follow on Instagram for Inspiration

Instagram has changed the rules of the style game. We live in the age of #hashtags. Trends are no longer set by fashion designers or fashion icons in magazine editorials. Nowadays, we find inspiration in our surroundings. Most often, we find inspiration in creative expressions of independent bloggers and fashion consultants, who share their style ideas with millions of people around the world.

Instagram is a very unique platform that has played a major role in the change of the concept of masculinity. In the 21st century, a real man is a man who knows how to express his individuality.

That’s why Insta is a great source of men’s fashion inspiration. Here are some of the best male bloggers you can follow to get your daily fashion fix:

1. Iamgalla – @IamGalla



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New yorker Adam Gallagher’s photos can be recognized at first sight. He is an adventurer who travels the world in search of fashion inspiration and shares his amazing experiences with his followers.

In his feed, you will find inspirational photos that cover men’s fashion, holiday ideas, travel inspo, style and music. This account belongs to a man who’s adventurous and wants to look stylish while travelling the world – and who inspired millions of others to do the same.

2. Will Taylor – @brightbazaar



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The Bright Bazaar feed is led by the charismatic Will Taylor. This account is filled with colorful backgrounds and exotic travel destinations. For men who are yearning for a sunny Insta vacation, this account is a powerful source of inspiration and motivation.

“Bright Bazaar is led by the king of visual content – Will Taylor. He’s sponsored by dozens of brands because he’s the perfect embodiment of an inspirational person and a trendsetter for men. Basically, he is the darling of the audience and brands”, says Diana Adjadj, a content writing expert at BeGraded.

3. Fabio Attanasio – @fabioattanasio


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Fabio is the founder of The Bespoke Dudes, a lifestyle website headquartered in Italy. The goal of this website, Instagram account and Fabio’s work is to educate men on how to incorporate modern looks through classic fashion items. His photos depict the classic Italian style under a strong influence of tailoring Mecca and Fabio’s hometown Napoli.

4. Jim Chapman – @jimchapman


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This famous blogger and vlogger is one of the editors of the UK edition of GQ Magazine.

Jim Chapman is one of the most popular influencers today in the world of men’s fashion. His Instagram feed is an honest and authentic portrait of his private life, where he presents a wide spectrum or perfectly styled casual and smart combinations.

“Jim Chapman is adored by men and women alike. The secret to his success is that he’s incredibly authentic – in the Instagram world of fake glam and artificial blitz, Jim is like a breath of fresh air with his perfect boy-next-door style and personal branding”, says Helene Cue, a content writer at ClassyEssay.

5. Justin Liv – @justinliv


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Justin is a writer and editor of his own lifestyle blog ScoutSixteen. This New York-style blogger puts up creative photos that portray his travels and street fashion. Any post from him is a guaranteed inspiration that will impress you and motivate you to look, feel and live at your best.

6. Alex Moe – @themacrobarista


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Stepping out of the world of fashion and style for a bit, The Macro Barista is a quite different profile, but it’s very inspirational nonetheless, especially because it motivates men to eat healthy!

Alex has more than 670 thousand followers on Instagram, and next to macro recipe ideas, he also posts funny and cute photos from his personal life.

7. Eugene Lee Yang – @eugeneleeyang


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Eugene’s Instagram feed is something completely different – which is why it’s a welcome breath of fresh air for all Insta lovers, 2 million of which follow this account. Eugene Lee Yang is a jack of all trades – actor, writer, director, producer, but also a huge Instagram celebrity.

If you want to get daily inspiration through a vibrant, flamboyant profile, Eugene is your guy!

8. Gaz Oakley – @avantgardevegan


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If you’re looking for a mix of food and recipe ideas and a daily dose of inspiration to take care of your body, mind and spirit, Gaz Oakley runs an Instagram account that’s a combination of all of these themes.

Next to crazy good recipes and beautiful photos of yummy vegan food, you will also sneak a peek in Gaz’s everyday life – which is nothing short of amazing! This is truly what an inspirational Instagram personality should be: providing wholesome and inspirational content day after day.

9. Mariano Di Vaio – @marianodivaio


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This former model was the face of Cavalli, Brunello Cucinelli and Gucci campaigns before starting his personal brand: MDV Style. The opportunity to reach millions of people on a daily basis through his stylish Instagram account has helped Mariano to become one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world.

Mariano is a real epitome of men’s style and beauty and is one of the key figures in the re-definition of masculinity. If you want to follow a man who’s not afraid to show versatile sides of his personality coupled with amazing fashion outfits, Mariano Di Vaio is the perfect account.

10. Johannes Huebl – @johanneshuebl


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Every photo this stunning German model posts looks like it’s straight out of a fashion magazine. His killer style and urban outfits are made even more appealing with the appearance of his famous wife, Olivia Palermo.

If you’re a guy who likes to follow #relationshipgoals, Jonathan and Olivia are guaranteed to brighten your day every time they pop up on your feed.

11. Phil Cohen – @thepacman82


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Phil’s creations, photographs of objects on a table, include all essential wardrobe pieces that every man should have in his closet. One peculiar thing about this account is that the creator and manager of this profile (Phil Cohen) never shows his face on the photos, but his Insta account has risen to fame with almost 800 thousand followers.

In other words, this is an account that’s a shrine to fashion, and nothing else – you won’t be bombarded with pics from the creator’s personal life, but just enjoy the sights of beautiful, stylish combinations!

12. Men With Class – @menwithclass


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This fun Insta account is a combination of well-dressed men in fancy outfits. The focus of this versatile Instagram account is fashion outfits exclusively, while the colorful styles that will make you stop and heart photos will make it a key piece of inspiration for your feed.

The site currently has 5.2 million followers and the number is growing every day. Another great thing about this account is that it posts pics very often (2-3 times a day), which means that you won’t have to wait too long to get a new bit of inspiration!


Instagram is a hub for inspiration, and it’s safe to say that men’s lifestyle and fashion are definitely no exception. When you’re trying to surround yourself with creativity, positivity and inspiration for self-improvement, you also need to tailor your Instagram feed to fit this vision – after all, these are images that you see every day, and they get engraved in your memory and mood, either consciously or subconsciously.

Find a perfect mix of lifestyle bloggers who spread positivity, cheer and happiness, follow fashionistas that will inspire you to dress for success and if you’re business-minded, find motivational speakers and entrepreneurs who will inspire you to reach your goals.


Dorian Martin is a blogger who works for various writing service sites such as TopEssayWriting. As a writer, he’s constantly working on improving his skills and going one step further every day. He’s also running his business advice blog, where he shares tips about entrepreneurship, marketing and sales.

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