Warning Signs You Should Be Getting Glasses for Work

Are you worried you might be straining your eyes at work? Or perhaps you’ve got a new pair of glasses but need a little convincing to wear them? If you work a desk job, a driving-based role or any other position that requires good eyesight, it’s worthwhile getting your eyes tested annually just to keep on top of things.

If you’re worried you might be due an eye test, but you’ve been putting it off (we’ve all been there), then here are the top warning signs to look out for:

Are You Getting Unexplained Headaches?

Other than being dehydrated, eye strain is one of the most common day-to-day causes of headaches. Headaches are particularly common amongst those who work long hours in front of a computer and don’t realise they’re straining their eyes. If you’re getting home from work with a thumping headache, you might want to get your eyes tested. It’s also recommended that you take regular breaks from your computer, even if just for a few minutes, in order to give your eyes a little relief.

Do You Rub Your Eyes Often?

If you often fight the urge to rub your eyes when you’re at work, or at home watching TV, then you may be having issues with your eyesight. Rubbing your eyes is another warning sign that you’re straining them, whether that’s from looking at your phone for too long or from struggling to read things that are so far away. Again, office workers or delivery drivers are most at risk of this, so it’s important that you don’t ignore the warning signs.

Things Are Starting To Appear Blurry

That faraway object that you used to see with ease isn’t actually getting any further away! If things are suddenly started to appear blurry at work, then you should get your eyes tested as soon as possible to prevent any potential vision problems from getting worse. When it comes to blurred vision, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

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You’re Using Your Finger To Read

If you often read books or other reading materials  at work, and you find yourself using your finger to follow along and stay on the right line. This in itself is a key warning sign that you might need glasses.

You Have A Family History Of Sight Problems

You can absolutely experience vision problems if you have no family history of them, but those with sight problems in their family are more likely to experience issues with their eyesight. If both of your parents require glasses, or have any other vision problems, it’s always a good idea to get your eyes tested as soon as possible.

Do You Notice Halos Around Light?

When you look up at artificial light, do you ever see rays surrounding it? This is a key warning sign to look out for and often occurs when your eyes are unable to focus on the object property. This then leads to blurred lighting and halos surrounding any lights. You might notice this when driving or simply looking up at lightbulbs. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to get your eyes tested.

Finding The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

If you discover you need glasses, you’re in luck as glasses are on-trend for 2020. Expect to see lots of round, oversized frames this year along with thick, rectangular glasses also. There are plenty of stylish prescription glasses for men and women out there if you know where to shop. Some even offer Digital Media Lenses, to filter out blue light from digital devices like computers and mobile phones and keep your eyes protected from any further vision problems.

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