8 Ways to Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert

If you’re looking to upgrade your denim style, but don’t know where to start, look no further than this guide on how to style denim like a fashion expert! Denim is one of the most versatile items in your closet, so if you know how to work it right, you can create different outfits by simply changing up your top and shoes. Whether you like to wear trendy distressed skinny jeans or classic boot-cut jeans, there are plenty of ways to style denim and make it fit your personality and personal style. You can find your style at Urahara, they have a variety of choices of denim styles you can ever purchase. 

Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert

1) Basics – Pants

Even if you have an amazing pair of jeans, they’re not going to work for any outfit unless you wear them with proper undergarments. Look for high-quality bras that fit properly and provide enough support—you want your clothes to look good but also fit well. In terms of pantyhose, we suggest going with either a lighter shade of your natural skin tone so that they blend in seamlessly with your outfit so that Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert. 

To stay dry, choose wool tights and avoid stockings made from synthetics such as nylon or spandex; these materials don’t breathe well and will keep moisture against your legs. For all types of hosiery, make sure that you regularly wash all of your items to keep them fresh and odor-free.

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2) Leggings

Skinny jeans are incredibly popular right now, but sometimes they’re too hot for wearing around town. Fortunately, you can easily swap your skinny jeans for leggings and still look chic. Whether you layer them under a tunic or wear them alone, printed leggings are perfect for adding some interest to an otherwise basic outfit. You can find great ones at stores.

3) Shorts

This is a tricky one. When it comes to short shorts, it’s all about how you accessorize them. Booties or heels can both work, as can an oversized, loose blouse (like Urahara carries). A classic tee in an interesting color also looks amazing with these shorts—as long as you aren’t wearing sandals. When in doubt, go for black and white. You can’t go wrong to Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert!

4) Tunics and Tops

Urahara is one of your best bets for styling denim. Wearing an uchikake, which is essentially a Japanese-style dress worn over trousers, will allow you to show off some interesting socks or footwear. 

A pair of colorful pumps or flats can match an earth-tone tunic and create a seamless look that’s both stylish and comfortable. These dresses were traditionally reserved for brides but have become popular in Japan as everyday wear. 

A new spin on a traditional style! It’s perfect for showing off your fashion sense while staying cool during warm weather months (and available year-round!). Skirts that hit just above knee level are ideal if you want to make sure you get attention from onlookers when walking by.

5) Jackets and Coats

A denim jacket is more versatile than you might think. Not only can it be worn in cooler weather over an oxford shirt, but it’s smart enough to layer over a collared shirt in any season. Think of denim jackets as a staple that you can always have on hand—they fit just about any outfit, and they provide an instant upgrade to even your most basic pieces. 

If you’re not convinced, consider that your denim jacket will be up for any occasion: It’ll look great with shorts, khakis, or dress pants; anytime you wear blue jeans out at night; and whether you’re headed for work or happy hour. A well-fitted jean jacket is also one of those items that never go out of Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert.

6) Footwear

First, you must have a good pair of shoes. A lot of people spend money on expensive jeans but then pair them with cheap, uncomfortable shoes. It’s also worth investing in good denim (Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert). 

When trying on pants, do up all buttons except for your fly and top button, ensuring that they are firm around your legs but not restricting the blood flow in any way. Try on different pairs until you find ones that suit you—the perfect fit will make wearing jeans feel effortless and comfortable rather than stiff or awkward. You should also keep an eye out for stitching flaws like fraying threads or loose buttons.

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7) Necklaces and Jewelry

A necklace can transform your entire outfit and make it look high-end and put together. Necklaces should be able to hold their own in an outfit, so keep an eye out for ones that coordinate with multiple pieces of clothing. You can also look for necklaces that are big and bold enough to create a statement on their own. 

Big, chunky jewelry is great for layering or wearing alone—go ahead and pile on! Smaller jewelry can fall out of favor easily, so make sure you’re keeping up with trends (to Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert) when you buy them.

Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert

8) Hats, Gloves, Beanies, Scarves

Since jeans are such a casual piece of clothing, it’s easy to turn a crisp button-down into an everyday outfit. Add a little interest by wearing your denim with accessories that complement your shirt but also stay true to your preferred style: wear denim and hats, gloves or beanies in solid colors; if you prefer more texture, opt for scarves. 

If you want to want to show off to Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert, try accessorizing two different pairs of jeans at once—it adds an unexpected touch. Try layering one high-waisted pair over distressed boyfriend jeans or tucking skinny pants into bootcut pants. Accessorize all styles with neutral pieces like shoes or sneakers, bags, and watches.


I’ve got another secret for you: If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, know how it fits. (And while we’re on that topic, here are two more tips: First, pay attention when dressing in front of a mirror. And second, don’t overthink it; an outfit isn’t an algebraic equation.) Here’s where Style Denim Like a Fashion Expert—it’s pretty much foolproof and never intimidating because it looks best if worn correctly. For your jeans to accentuate your body and give off an effortless vibe, choose denim that is true to size and fits at its narrowest point—usually mid-rise.

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