How To Wear Dark Blue Denim Jeans In Five Ways

Most guys know that dark blue denim is an authentic style must-have. If you could only buy one pair of pants, other than a suit or a pair of trousers, dark wash denim could be that pair dark blue denim .

Dark Blue Denim

It looks good with a lot of different clothes and styles. With the right fit, dark jeans have a uniform look and a clean silhouette. There are some benefits to having things like chinos and cords in more than one color. Even if you have jeans, it can be hard to switch from straight-leg or boot-cut dark blue denim jeans that are too big to the right kind of denim.





VERSATILITY (Dark Blue Denim)

So what is it that makes a pair of jeans so valuable? First, pick a couple with a dark blue indigo wash and no pre-faded spots or extra rips, tears, or details.



Also, keep in mind the shape of the dress. It would be best if you didn’t look for bootcut jeans, jeans that are too skinny, or styles that are too loose. A slim and straight cut  dark blue denim would be a good choice dark blue denim.

Let’s look at the brand Levi’s as an example.

“Slim straight cut” can mean different things depending on your body type.

If you’re on the slimmer side, get the 511 models.

514 if you’re more average

The 501 or 505, if your legs are more robust.

Because every man has a different body shape and size, there is no one “slim straight” fit that will work for everyone. Find the slim straight cut dark blue denim that fits you best dark blue denim.

One silhouette can look very different on different people. So try on a lot of pairs in various styles and sizes (go one size up and one size down from your usual size to help you find the best fit) before settling on one .




Ah, yes, the big question that denim purists and fans worldwide argue about is: Should denim pants stretch or not? A purist would say NO, definitely not, if you asked them. Dark denim should be made of 100% cotton and not stretch.

Denim is made with a little bit of elastane. Elastane is a synthetic fiber that stretches. When it is mixed with cotton to make denim (anywhere from 97 to 99 percent cotton and 1-3 percent elastane), the result is stretch denim.

Denim with a little stretch is much more comfortable to wear all day as you move around. They also keep their shape and bounce back after being worn dark blue denim for a long time.



You don’t have to wash your clothes whenever you wear them. You only need to do so if they smell, are too sweaty, or look dirty.

Most of the time, dark blue denim all your clothes need is some fresh air. A spray of fabric fresheners like Febreze or a tumble dry on low heat with a scented Bounce dryer sheet can also help. And a simple spot cleaning by hand is fine for minor stains.

When it comes to dark wash jean (again, assuming it doesn’t smell, isn’t soaked in sweat, or looks dirty), you can hang them on a hook or try one of the other methods above to let them air out.



Now that you have a great pair of dark blue jeans that fit you perfectly, you’ll need some ideas for how to wear them. Here are five simple styles.



  • Dark blue Denim
  • Cardigan with elbow patches (similar, better)
  • Chambray blue shirt
  • Wingtip boots (similar)
  • Belt of braided leather (similar)

Mixing different textures and colors in the fall and winter is an excellent way to match the cold weather that often happens at this time of year. A cardigan with elbow patches is more daring than a sweater with a V-neck. It’s a nice nod to the trending “grandpa style,” but the solid denim keeps it from being too much.

When you can, buy a cashmere cardigan when you want a classic piece like that. Merino or lambswool that is thicker is another excellent option.

The chambray shirt’s rough texture fits with the outfit’s laid-back style. It’s a slightly different color than the denim, which works well, and it’s somewhat different from your typical Oxford-cloth button-down.

In keeping with the outfit’s more rugged-casual vibe, a braided belt plays off the different textures and goes better with wingtip boots than a dressier leather belt with more shine.

Even though this could be considered business casual in most offices, you don’t have to wear a tie.

  • Dark Denim
  • Shawl collar cardigan
  • White henley thermal
  • Wingtip boots
  • Belt of braided leather

At first glance, this outfit might not seem that different because most pieces are very similar. But this outfit is more casual. Even more, it almost screams “rough style.” When it gets cold, thicker knits will be your best friend in the more challenging parts of the country. If you want to stay warm, a thick sweater, a cardigan, and a scarf might do the trick.

Dark Denim

The cardigan and henley make for a nice mix of textures. The henley’s button placket is different from that of a crewneck T-shirt, and the wingtip boots and braided belt go well together because they have different textures than a regular pair of boots and a regular belt.


  • Dark Denim
  • Unique oxford shirt 
  • Wool scarf
  • Silver tie bar
  • Belt of plain brown leather 
  • Tan suede desert boots

Yes, this outfit does not have a jacket. Some people might not be used to that, but it works well when the shirt fits and is a different color than a typical oxford cloth shirt. Roll up those sleeves, too, and add a watch with a noticeable canvas strap (like navy) to finish off the casual look on top.

A wool tie will be a good choice if you wear this during the colder months. Since we’re not wearing a jacket, the shoes can also be more casual. So, suede desert boots come in handy. And don’t worry about matching the leather to the boot’s suede in this case. Brown and tango together very well.


  • Dark Denim
  • Blue Oxford button-down cloth
  • V-neck sweater in marine blue
  • Belt of plain brown leather
  • Winged-tip shoes

The trick is to make sure the colors are different so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to match them up. In this case, the oxford-cloth button-down is lighter than the sweater, and the shirt is a different shade of blue than the jeans. A royal blue V-neck would also look good here. It’s the same idea as pairing a navy blazer with dark jeans, but this outfit is better for running errands and doesn’t need a blazer.

Blue is a more forgiving color, and dark blue is considered a menswear neutral, so now is an excellent time to try out bright bracelets or a colorful watch band. When you wear double monk strap shoes, it shows you have a bit of style and attitude. Brown wingtip boots or the classic brown desert boot would be an easy choice.


  • Dark Denim
  • Button-down shirt
  • Belt of braided leather 
  • Leather slip-on 

Popover shirt is light and airy, making it easy to wear in various settings. Even when it’s cold, putting on layers is easy to stay warm if needed. Style-wise, it’s different from a regular polo or an OCBD, which makes it a more exciting option (though it’s always good to have one or both of those on hand).


Even though it’s hotter in the spring and summer, you can still wear dark denim. It’s probably not the best thing to wear all the time, since it gets hot enough in shorts or chinos, but it can be acceptable for some events.

The same braided leather belt that worked when it was cold also works when it’s hot. It looks less “heavy” and is a more casual option than a regular leather belt. And since it will probably be warmer when you wear this outfit, it’s the perfect time not to wear socks.



The outfits above are just a few ways to mix and match pieces with dark denim. Its clean shape, dark wash, lack of rips and tears, and perfect fit make it the ideal canvas for a wide range of looks. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Dark Blue Denim


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