6 Unique Ways to Consume Alcohol for Max Enjoyment

People have been enjoying alcohol for thousands of years, often to ridiculous degrees and involving numerous inventive methods. There are hundreds of different types of alcoholic beverages, thousands of mixtures, and endless delivery systems. As such, for those who have yet to try the more unique methods of drinking, it’s time for something new.

Many of the options available for consuming alcohol come in the form of edible. Examples include jello, mousse, and even cake. Others still come in the form of liquids but they are a lot more diluted. Examples include smoothies, coffee, and milk tea.

Here some unique ways to consume alcohol for max enjoyment you can try out:

Jello Shots

One of the most popular edible versions of alcohol, jello shots have become a mainstay at many parties. It is easy to make and can be prepared in huge quantities ahead of time. There is no need to mix cocktails on the spot and consuming each one involves popping them in your mouth. There is also the fact that they can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Jello Shots
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Jello shots are great because you can easily dictate how much alcohol you are going to include. You could even make tiered jello shots where there are stronger ones and there are lighter ones. The versatility of this particular option has allowed it to light up plenty of parties. You can even mix it with any type of alcohol that you want, including rum, vodka, whisky, triple sec, and more.

One question I continue to get is what is Triple Sec? Most people think the Triple sec is a type of liquor type like whiskey or vodka,  but in actuality, it is an orange liqueur, not a liquor or liqueur type.

Drunken Mousse

Mousse is a popular dessert that does not often contain alcohol, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t. Just like with jello, this is a soft but supple edible but unlike jello, it comes with a richer flavor. Suffice it to say, eating a mousse that contains tequila, gin, or any type of alcohol is ripe for possibilities. To start with, it can be as big and as dense as you want it to be.

Eating mousse also comes with a creamy richness that you can’t find with jello, which adds to the overall experience. When you throw in a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, and more, the pleasure increases. Depending on how well you make the mousse, you might not even notice the alcohol until it hits you.

Fancy Cakes

There are plenty of cakes that are known for containing alcohol, including rum cake and fruitcake. However, it doesn’t stop there since practically all types of cakes can include alcohol in one form or another. It can be in the batter itself, which removes some of the taste and smell after baking. It can also be in the frostings, which would make the results quite a bit more pronounced.

There are also cake recipes that call for alcohol like brandy to be brushed on the surface of the cake. This will only give you a hint of the flavor and aroma of the spirit that you use, though. Then there are the cake recipes where the extra ingredients like the fruits are soaked in alcohol. You can even place chocolate bonbons on top as part of the garnish when decorating the cake.

Soothing Smoothies

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Smoothies often use milk as the source of liquid for the concoction, but what if you add in some vodka? You can adjust the recipe as you see fit, but you could create quite a nice milkshake with a special ingredient. After that, all you have to do is use the huge selection of combinations of ingredients. Strawberry, cherry, bananas, and more should take the edge of the gin you threw in.

You could even do this with protein shakes or breakfast shakes if you want, but this might reduce the benefits. Alcohol can interfere with certain supplements, rendering them inert or lessening their effects. So, if you are going to add alcohol to your powdered mixture, you might want to keep it at a minimum.

Next-Level Coffee

Irish coffee, Canadian coffee, and many more are caffeinated beverages that have alcohol in them in varying amounts. They are great for areas with cold weather since they can help keep the body warm. For those alcohol enthusiasts, adding a little bit of it in coffee can make the brew even more satisfying. Though, it should be noted that this is not encouraged if you will be driving after.

For relaxing and unwinding, though, this might be the perfect idea to let it all go. You can take sips on the front porch, reading a novel or technical materials like floating dock 101 manuals. You get to decide how much alcohol will go into the blend and making a cup is never that complicated.

Milk Tea Madness

Milk Tea has been exploding in popularity all over the world these days, so much so that big chains took notice. Now, it’s not uncommon to see teens and young adults walking around while sipping tea blends on a thick straw. As it turns out, many of the sellers also figured out that customers like drinking alcohol. As a result, options like margarita milk tea and mojito milk tea became available.

Many of these are delicious on their own, so you can simply order the ones with alcohol in them. If you would like to adjust the flavors to your satisfaction, though, you’ll have to make the milk tea at home. It’s easy enough to do so since you can brew the tea in advance. Once it cools down, you can then put it in the fridge or mix it with the other ingredients directly.


Enjoying alcohol can come in many different ways. Some of them are direct and simple. Others are more special and worth the effort. If you ever bother enough to try jello shots, rum cakes, and Irish coffees, you can make them yourself.

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