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The 15 Best Whiskey Glasses

The Top 15 Whiskey Glasses

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice glass of Whiskey on the rocks, but only if you do it right

Sure, there are plenty of rules when it comes to pouring and enjoying your Whiskey, and we’re not even going to get into the many different types of Whiskey the world has to offer. 

We could write an entire book on that!

We’re not going to mess around with any of the fancy Whiskey glasses…

The Whiskey Drinking Options

  1. Rocks Glasses: These are the glasses we talked about earlier. Also known as “Old-Fashioned” glasses, they’re the type you see in old Western movies, or in your Grandpa’s liquor cabinet. They’re wide-rimmed, which allows you to fill it up with plenty of ice cubes. You can also easily add Whiskey stones to these glasses. As the name implies, these glasses are designed for serving Whiskey “on the rocks.” 
  2. Shot Glasses: We all know what these glasses are for: knocking back shots of Whiskey! These glasses are smaller, and they obviously hold less Whiskey than rocks glasses. Shot glasses come in two flavors: shooter glasses and cordial glasses. Shooter glasses are your typical shot glasses, whereas cordial glasses actually have a handle for a more formal vibe. 
  3. Highball Glasses: These glasses hold more liquid, and you can use them to mix Whiskey cocktails over ice. Obviously you can use these glasses for highballs, but they also work great for cocktails like the “7 and 7.”
  4. Snifter/Glencairn Glasses: These glasses are ideal for Whiskey tasting sessions. These glasses feature a wide bottom, a narrow top, and a short stem. This creates a formal, upscale vibe that Whiskey connoisseurs will love. You don’t use ice with these glasses, as it’s all about tasting the Whiskey and nothing else. Glencairn glasses are simply narrower than Snifter glasses and feature a shorter stem.

Sure, you could drink your whiskey out a plastic cup. You could even drink it straight from the bottle. But if you really want to be civilized as you enjoy one of the greatest spirits ever created, you’ll need your own set of whiskey glasses. 

And when you shop for some unique whiskey glasses, it’s important not to rush things. While it might be tempting to simply buy the first set of whiskey glasses that catch your eye, sometimes it’s better to take a more measured approach. After all, these whiskey glasses could be passed down from generation to generation in your family’s future. 

And whenever you pull out your whiskey glasses, you should feel that warm sense of satisfaction as you wrap your hands around something made with care. Trust us, it’ll make enjoying your whiskey that much better. After all, the devil’s in the details… 

A quick search online will reveal an entire world full of different types of Rocks glasses, each with their own unique style and flair. Choosing the right one for your Whiskey setup could require a lot of research. 

But never fear, because we’ve already weighed up all the different options for you, and we’re pretty sure we’ve narrowed down the best options available.

A Brief History of Whiskey Glasses

To find the roots of the common whiskey glass, you’d have to go back to the 16th century. Back then, it wasn’t made of glass at all – a wooden cup was the preferred whiskey vessel of that time. 

After some time, something called the “quiach” became more and more popular, which was basically a wooden cup inlaid with prominent silver detailing. In the 17th century, these silver cups became an essential part of any respectable household. 

Basically, these primitive whiskey cups resembled bowls more than they did glasses, with flat and wide shapes. 

Only in the 19th century did glass become feasible enough for mass production. Tumblers were immediately produced for the wider market, filling up the shelves in homes and bars alike. 

As glass became a more established manufacturing material, technology reached a point where different types of glasses could be made, and specialized whiskey glasses started to emerge. 

This coincided with the rising interest in malt whiskey during the 19th century. 

Fast forward until today, and you have a wide range of different whiskey glasses to fit the tastes and preferences of every single whiskey enthusiast. 

Now let’s examine some of our favorite types of whiskey glasses on offer:

Our Top Picks For Rocks Glasses

1. Red Rocks Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass

The great thing about these whiskey glasses is that they come with whiskey stones. That’s right, you’ll get a set of six granite whiskey stones with a set of four of these glasses.

With heavy, stable bases, these whiskey glasses are built to last and they won’t tip over. 

2. Kanars Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass

We love the fact that these incredible whiskey glasses come in a beautiful gift box. Obviously, this makes it a great gift, but the box also helps you store your glasses away neatly and tidily. 

The high-quality, lead-free crystal glass has stunning detailing for a truly classic and elegant design. 

3. Premium Bourbon Glasses by Luxu_ing

These glasses boast a firm, thick brim. This means that you’ll never have to hold back or hesitate when toasting with friends, and the glasses are sturdy enough to handle even the most solid impacts. 

These glasses are totally versatile, and you can use them for a wide range of different spirits. 

4. Fifth & Fox scotch glasses

These glasses will look amazing in your cabinet, and they’ll really stand out. 

While the base is square and sturdy, the rim is sloped and asymmetrical. This gradient design helps the glass fit perfectly in your hand. 

They look great, but the slightly rare design isn’t just for show – it’s actually functional and ergonomic, which is a major plus in our books. 

To top things off, you’ll receive these glasses in a luxurious black box emblazoned with Fifth & Fox’s logo and branding. This is perfect if you’re planning on giving these glasses as a gift, or storing them in a safe and secure manner. 

5. Crystal Imagery Whiskey Legend Quote Glass – Set Of Four

If you’re a fan of Abraham Lincoln, you’ll love these whiskey glasses. 

At first glance, there’s nothing too special about these. But take a closer look, and you’ll find an Abraham Lincoln quote emblazoned on the front of the glass. The quote from the sixteenth president of the United States reads:

“Tell me what whiskey Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.”

If you’re wondering about the context of this quote, here’s a little background information: General Ulysses Grant was one of Lincoln’s best performing military men in the Civil War. However, high-ranking government officials often accused him of being a drunkard, and most Americans were well aware of his fondness for Whiskey. However, good old Abe Lincoln defended General Grant, and this quote shows how little he cared about the rumors of Grant’s drunkness. In fact, the quote shows how Lincoln jokingly attributed Grant’s success to his love of whiskey and suggested that his other generals drink it as well.  

Okay, back to the actual glasses!

The quote is actually sand-carved into the glass, which results in deeper grooves and requires a lot more skill compared to simple laser-etching and engraving. 

6. Old Southern Brass .308 Solid Copper Projectile Glasses

For fans of old Western movies, look no further than these glasses. 

There’s a real, American-made copper bullet embedded in each glass. No, we’re not joking.  Some might say that this is a little gimmicky, but these glasses are the real deal, and they’re hand-made with care and consideration. To create the bullet effect, each glass is hand-blown. 

These glasses are also extremely durable, and the bullet doesn’t make them weaker or more fragile than your average Whiskey glass. 

Old Southern Brass is all about protecting the 2nd amendment and supporting the troops. When you purchase these glasses, a portion of the profits goes towards the Wounded Warriors Project. 

It’s always nice to see companies giving back!

Our Top Picks For Shot Glasses

1. JoyJolt Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

These interesting shot glasses are actually square-shaped, which makes them unique and interesting additions to your liquor cabinet. 

They’re also seriously sturdy, with heavy bases and thick glass construction. They’re dishwasher safe, and it’ll be seriously hard to break these well-made, 2 oz shot glasses. 

2. Gmark Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

These shot glasses actually take on the European design, which means that they curve outward from the bottom instead of taking on the normal straight shape of a “traditional” shot glass

They’re completely dishwasher safe, and a solid base ensures that you won’t have to worry about your glasses tipping over. 

3. Libbey Fluted Whiskey Glass

If you’re looking for a totally unique set of shot glasses, this is definitely a stellar option. The liquid is surrounded by an extremely thick wall of glass on all sides, which just screams “quality.”

There’s even a handy line etched into the glass, which tells you that you’ve filled up exactly 1 oz of liquid. This is a seriously classy whiskey shot glass set, and we definitely recommend it. 

Our Top Picks For High Ball Glasses

1. Reed & Barton Crystal Soho Highball Glasses

With full lead crystal, you can enjoy these highball glasses without worrying about sturdiness. With thick linear cuts in the side of the glass, this highball set is both contemporary and classic. 

You can use this highball glass for whiskey, cocktails, or even non-alcoholic drinks. This is a very versatile addition to your glassware collection. 

2. RCR Opera Crystal Highball Glass

These beautiful highball glasses are made in Italy, so you can be pretty confident about the quality of the end product. Made from lead-free crystal, these glasses are also completely dishwasher safe and durable. 

Even better, you can collect an entire set of matching glassware, including decanters, shot glasses, flute glasses, and much more. 

3. Paksh Novelty Italian Highball Glasses

These highball glasses are also made in Italy, and they feature a sleek, minimalist design. Although there aren’t any designs set into the glass, many people will appreciate this approach. After all, sometimes versatility is the best option. 

Although you’ll have to wash these glasses by hand, they are still made from lead-free crystal of the highest quality. 

Our Top Picks For Snifter/Glencairn Glasses

1. The Glencairn Whiskey Glass – 6 Pack

Hailed as the “official whiskey glass,” the real Glencairn whiskey glass only comes from one place – the Glencairn company itself. 

These short, elegant whiskey glasses come with a sturdy base stand and are made from non-lead crystal. 

2. Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set in Velvet Gift Box

Although these Glencairn glasses are identical to the ones previously mentioned, they’ll come in a deluxe velvet gift box. 

If you’re shopping for that one special someone, this could be the perfect option. 

3. Kentucky-themed Glencairn Glass

And if you want to represent your home state of Kentucky, these are the perfect Glencairn glasses for you. 

You’ll notice that an outline of your home state is painstakingly engraved into the glass with the highest detail. It’s a great way to celebrate your home state and enjoy whiskey at the same time!

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