The 5 Best Business Safes

Security is of primary importance if to speak about your business’s assets. Recently, digital safety has become a very prominent issue. Despite that, physical protection is relevant, and you might find that famous people are still using some of the best home safes.

Whether you run a large or small business safe can also make a huge difference.

Owning this device is still one of the most straightforward ways to protect assets, and there are many types of business safes for sale on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and models — each with its own specific set of features and benefits.

Here are several to take note of if you’re looking to secure your physical assets.

Phoenix Diamond Cash Deposit (HS109KD)

The Phoenix Diamond has been tested throughout its production process and designed to be virtually impenetrable. It has a big lockable drawer that’s used for storing smaller documents or money. The safe also has scratch-resistant surfaces, multiple openings, and added certification. It is not fire-resistant; however, it can still be a great fortified product for larger private enterprises with assets that need guarding.

Chubbsafes Archive Fire Resistant Security Cabinet Size 640

This is one of the best security safes for business or other premises with a higher risk of fire hazards. It’s a sturdy, fire-resistant safe that’s also reliable. This particular Chubbsafes unit can hold a large number of items within its cabinet-sized body and is fitted with fire-resistant insulating material primarily between the inner and outer walls. Even though it is considered a small business safe, it also has plenty of storage compartments and shelving units for valuables, paper documents, and other belongings.

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Chubbsafes ProGuard 110k Eurograde 2 High-Security Safe

Manual break-ins are a common threat. This is where the Chubbsafes ProGuard 110K can help by offering a double bitted key lock that defends against criminals who are trying to open it manually. This particular safe also lets users store important items and assets such as jewelry or documents and even devices with sensitive data. If you are looking for several solid home and business safes, consider getting several units to protect your property.

Phoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire Safe

When it comes to digital devices and electronic assets, there’s an added concern that’s involved. At this moment, hackers and tech-savvy criminals are probably discovering new, more effective ways to steal valuable information. The Phoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire-Safe has been designed to protect digital data stored in devices. It offers up to 90 minutes of protection from damage caused by fire and also built-in water resistance in the form of a double door construction with twin waterproof seals on the inner-fitting. If you’re looking for fireproof business safes, consider getting a few.

Phoenix SS0996ED Cash Drop Safe

With a high-security electronic lock with LED display, this safe has dual control, hidden and scrambled code. The Phoenix SS0996ED Cash Drop Safe is a sturdy business retail shop deposit safe. It has been designed to collect money, and cash can be deposited immediately without the need to open it or for a cashier to hold any keys. It is fitted with a special Phoenix tilting baffle board so you can expect its contents to stay firmly in place.

Conclusion: Even though so many transactions are carried out online, physical security is still important. Business safes for sale can help entrepreneurs protect physical assets. With a variety of business safes that can be found for sale, features, benefits, as well as your own individual needs, can help you decide on one that might suit your requirements.

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