4 Sure Signs Your Home Business is Ruining Your Home

More and more people are working from home. Many are entrepreneurs who have started a business, using a home as their base.  There’s a lot of flexibility and freedom that comes with that. However, it can have the unhappy side effect of ruining the beauty of your carefully decorated home.  It certainly makes it hard to distinguish where your home life starts and your business world ends.

The first step to reclaiming the beauty of your home is to recognize what’s happening. Then you can deal with it in the most cost-effective way.  

1. Destroyed Decor

One sure sign that your business has taken over is if the enterprise has deprived your home of its welcoming atmosphere.  Your upscale decor has slowly been replaced — or simply eclipsed — by functional items for your business.  Visitors won’t notice the beautiful art on the walls because there’s just too much business clutter.  

2. No Boundaries

One sure sign that your home life and home business are out of balance is when there don’t seem to be any boundaries.  You seem to always be working because the office is, well, just down the hall or at the dining room table.  Other family members learn they can’t bother you, whether it’s 7 a.m. or 9 p.m.  Your workday never seems to end.

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3. Too Little Space

Perhaps there is no dedicated workspace. That’s a big problem.  Everyone needs a place that is all their own. If you can’t get that space, that may be the reason your decor is destroyed and you can’t set good boundaries.

If you need a room in your home, you can move the furniture and any access belongings to that same storage unit.  Immediately this problem is solved. Furthermore, having a designated place for work can help you establish boundaries between family time and work.

On the other hand,  you may already have a perfectly good home office. So what’s happening? Your business seems to overflow into the rest of the house.  There are stacks of files, big boxes, crates of products, or large displays.  This can be solved quickly if you use self-storage to keep all of your business essentials. 

Renting a safe place for your materials is a logical thing for those in sales or trade. Construction self-storage keeps all of your valuable building supplies in one place where it’s easy to maintain your key inventory.

4. Too Many People

If you have meetings at home, this can become a problem for the rest of the family.  It is also a burden to maintain a home in a pristine state like you would in a regular business setting.  All of this could indicate its time to rent an office.  However, you could rent a small meeting room for client or customer meetings. You can keep your essentials in a storage unit and maintain a more peaceful, uncluttered home. This keeps your costs down since you don’t have to pay office rent.

If, however, you have employees, it may become difficult to work out of your home.  You probably can’t make them comfortable in your small home office. It may be necessary to rent an office. However, before you do that, you should try online systems that let you work closely together without being in the same building. This could allow you to operate without office overhead.

Find the Solution

There are many ways to find a cost-effective solution.  Self-storage has been mentioned, for one.  For another, there are office sharing situations where you can have personal space and a shared meeting room. You may even be able to share staff, such as a receptionist. 

Remember that your family’s quality of life is affected by your home business. Everything you can do to minimize that is critical to maintaining a good lifestyle and positive family relationships.


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