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Best Modular Gun Safe: Top 5 Models and Buyers Guide

Let’s imagine a scenario in which you have a gun or a rifle (common scenario, though). Where are you going to store it? Anywhere in the house? It isn’t safe, and it is actually banned in most countries. The answer is to get a gun safe. If we take an in-depth look, we can see that the Best Modular Gun Safe is actually a much better choice. Why you may wonder? Here’s why.

A modular gun safe comes with all the perks of a traditional gun safe, but it can be assembled at home using simple tools and installed easily wherever you like. It is easy to use, comes with significant advantages, and so much more.

To assist you with this matter, we have compiled a list of the best models and also a buyer’s guide, so you know how to find the unit that is just perfect for your firearm.

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Best Modular Gun Safe: Buyers guide

To find the Best Modular Gun Safe, you need to take into consideration several factors. When combined, they will help you get a better product with better functionality and all the features you may need at any given moment.

 What’s the capacity of that safe?

The first thing to consider is the capacity of the overall size of the safe. What you need is a safe which can accommodate all the guns you have. An unwritten rule is to get a unit that is 10% bigger than the needs you have. For instance, if you have ten guns, you will need a safe for 14 guns. 

This is needed in order to have a reliable unit that can be used for storing the ammunition, pistols, and accessories all in one. It is also an expensive investment, so you will want to have a safe that can accommodate guns you may own in the future.

The locking mechanism on your new safe

A safe is only as good as the locking mechanism on it. What this means is that you need a model that comes with a reliable locking system. There are a few options out there. The first one is a mechanical lock. It is relatively safe, and it is common on older and most affordable models.

A significant improvement is a digital combination. You get a billion possible combinations, which makes accidental opening impossible. These units do come with a master key that can be used when the battery drains out or when the keypad is malfunctioning.

Biometric security is the ultimate protection. You will have to scan a fingerprint in order to open the safe, and as you may assume, no one except you can do it. Don’t think that tricks from movies are useful here. This is the ultimate locking mechanism and the most appealing at the moment.

Is my safe fireproof?

You will have to consider additional parameters if you want the best safe. Can it withstand massive heat? The answer to this is obvious. Specific models are designed to withstand massive temperatures for a short period of time. This is expressed in Fahrenheit per hour.

The best example is a safe that can withstand 1650 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature for 60 minutes. Keep in mind that not all safes are fireproof, and when it comes to modular safes, the number is even lower. Anyway, if you believe this is mandatory for your purpose, look for a model with the feature.

Inside storage layout

All safes come with a specific or better said versatile interior layout. What you actually need is a model that has one large area for long rifles and also smaller shelves for ammunition, etc. This is the best option of them all, and we highly recommend it.

The second alternative is to get a unit that has only the compartments for long rifles. They are usually smaller and taller safes. If you don’t have handguns, this is an obvious choice.

The bottom line is that more shelves and more compartments inside a safe make that unit better and more versatile. This doesn’t add the price, so it is definitely an important factor to consider.

Is there a door storage space?

We highly recommend you to pay close attention to the door storage. New models offer useful and versatile capabilities in this case scenario.

For example, you can store your handguns in the door, and you have hangers to hang your accessories. Some models en have pouches and straps for additional storage. This is a bit rare with modular safes but definitely a desirable option to have.

Is that safe immune to burglar attacks?

Here is an interstation option to consider. A safe that is immune to burglar attacks will have metal rods inside or metal additions that will be activated in a case of drilling or cutting. Some models even have this system that is activated once a safe is hit with an object. What this means is that the protection system against burglars is activated, and nobody can open that safe! It is a safety feature we all need.

Locking bolts in a safe

Locking bolts are actually security bolts that will connect the door and the construction of the safe when activated. More is merrier, but also look at the length of the bolts. The best safes come with bolts with up to 1.5 inches in length.

Keep in consolidation that you do need at least four bolts. Ideally, you will have a model with eight locking bolts. As you can assume, a burglar or anyone won’t be able to open the safe once locked.

Do you need a hard plate in a safe?

A hard plate is as you can imagine, a plate made from super-strong metal inserted into the door of the safe. It must make drilling of the safe immune at all times, and it must make sure that only you can open the safe when needed.

Not all models come with a hard plate. It is a reserved feature for high-end safes that are made to be extra tough and impossible to open. It is a nice and useful addition you will have to consider at some point.

Best Modular Gun Safe

1.     SnapSafe Super Titan Double Door Digital Modular Safe- Massive, strong and reliable safe for massive purposes

SnapSafe Super Titan Double Door Digital Modular Safe is the Best Modular Gun Safe and the one we liked a lot. The assembly requires a few minutes of your time, and it is done with a socket wrench included in the package. The safe can withstand 60 minutes ta 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also heat-activated door seals. The door itself is secured with 1-inch bolts.

The size is 59″H x46″W x 30″ D, and the weight is 900 pounds. The capacity is massively suitable for over 56 long guns. The exterior is powder-coated and immune to scratches. The lined interior is carefully categorized, and it offers a lot of room for weapons and accessories.


  • UL electronic lock– Advanced electronic lock, which is UL approved and has thousands of possible combinations.
  • Fireproof– The safe can withstand up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour with damaging the items inside.
  • Heat-activated seals– The seal around the door will melt in a case of fire, and further protect the items inside.
  • Large capacity- the interior is suitable for 56+ guns and additional ammunition or accessories.


  • Massive capacity– This is a big safe suitable for those who need the ultimate place to store their weapons.
  • Fireproof– It can withstand more heat for a longer period of time than any other safe.
  • Shelves inside the safe- Interior is divided on various compartments thanks to various shelves.


  • Heavy– The weight is 900 pounds, which makes installation complicated.
  • Expensive– This is the most expensive model on our list.

Who is it for?

The model is suitable for users who have more than 50 guns and who want superior protection all the time from burglars, unwanted opening and also from fire.

SnapSafe Super Titan Double Door Digital Modular Safe, 59 Check Lowest Price

2. SnapSafe Super Titan Digital Modular Safe 75011– Compact yet large enough high-end safe

Here you also need to assembly the unit, but the overall process is simple. All the essentials are included in the package. The safe itself has 59″H x 38″W x 17.5″ D dimensions and offers a capacity for 24+ long guns. It can withstand up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes without damaging the guns inside.

The door is immune to sledgehammer openings and prying. It is made from 3/16 solid steel while the exterior walls are made from 9 gauge steel. The locking system is a well-known keypad that is UL approved and can be seen on more expensive models as well. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Fireproof-The safe can withstand 2300 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour.
  • Gauge 9 steel– Top-notch construction to ensure protection at all times.
  • Immune to sledgehammers and prying– It is impossible to open the safe using a sledgehammer or prying tools.
  • UL approved locking mechanism– One of the safest keypad locking mechanisms out there.


  • Great size– Ideal for 24+ long rifles.
  • Warranty– Product comes with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Adjustable interior storage– A user can adjust the interior storage to fit his particular needs.


  • Shipping– Shipping is time-consuming.
  • Hard to get– There are a few models left, and soon they won’t be available.

Who is it for?

SnapSafe Super Titan Digital Modular Safe 75011 is ideal for those who need 24+ rifle storage and ultimate security at all times.

SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe, Storage for Firearms and Valuables for Home or Office, Security Gun Safe w/Electronic Lock, Fire Protection, Measures 59”H x 38”W x 17.5”D- Black Check Lowest Price

3.     SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe – Smallest of the three yet suitable for 12+ guns

SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe is a smaller model of the first two units. It is made by the same manufacturer, and it comes with similar features. For instance, it can withstand 2300 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour, and it has UL keypad of the modern generation.

The dimensions of the unit are 59″H x 22″W x 17.5″ D, the weight is 400 pounds, and there are eight bolts implemented into the design. The capacity is suitable for 12 long guns. Inside there is one large shelf for long guns and two small ones.


  • Fireproof– The unit can withstand up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit up to 60 minutes.
  • Compact size– 59″H x 22″W x 17.5″ D dimensions are suitable for most users.
  • Eight bolts– Located in strategic positions to make the safe immune to prying and sledgehammer attacks.
  • Relocker– The safe will activate relocker in a case of accidental opening.


  • Size– Great size for most users.
  • Warranty– The unit includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Heat-activated door seal– The seal will melt in a case of fire, preventing damages to the items inside.


  • Customer support- There is no live customer support offered.
  • Expensive– Considering the size, this safe is expensive.

Who is it for?

Best Modular Gun Safe: Top 5 Models and Buyers Guide 1 Check Lowest Price

4. Stack-On GCB-8RTA – Extremely affordable and compact safe to use

Users who have a need for a small safe with advanced features are new owners of the unit in question. The capacity is 12+ long guns, which makes it ideal for versatile users.Stack-On GCB-8RTA– Extremely affordable and compact safe to use

Stack-On GCB-8RTA is a smaller safe than the previously mentioned models. It has a capacity for eight rifles, and it comes with a removable shelf inside. Patented barrel rest is implemented into the design.

The safe also comes with a 3-point locking mechanism of a newer generation. The assembly process is reasonably simple, and it can be completed within minutes. There is no need to use advanced tools or additional hardware.


  • Completely modular– You get the safe in pieces, and you will have to assembly it. The process is simple.
  • 3 point locking mechanism– The three-point locking mechanism keeps your guns safe and protected in all situations.
  • Mechanical lock– Unit comes with a mechanical lock and keys.
  • Removable shelf- The shelf can be installed when there is a need for that or can be removed.


  • Value for money– The safe is very affordable and comes with all the features you need.
  • Steel construction– The overall construction is at a high level and makes sure the safe is effective in protecting the guns inside.
  • Assembly– it is simple and easy to connect all the pieces and get a fully functional safe.


  • A mechanical lock-Mechanical lock is a primitive way of protection.
  • Shipping time frame– The product will be shipped within seven days.

Who is it for?

Gun owners who are on a tight budget and need compact safe are going to be impressed with this particular is also commonly used as quick access safe for those in need.

5.    New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty – Advanced protection with advanced features

New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty is modern, and we can add extremely capable safe. It is based on the latest technology. Users get a keypad locking mechanism, there is an LED inside the safe with automatic activation, and the unit is made from 12 gauge steel. The door is made from 12 gauge, composite materials, which makes the door immune to prying attacks. The safe can withstand a temperature of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour.

The capacity is for 8-10 guns, and each unit is paired with new and improved bolts with 1.5 inches in length. Gear Drive Locking System is present as well. The weight is 380 pounds. The dimensions are 59″ x 22″ x 16″.


  • 59″ x 22″ x 16″ size– The size makes it ideal for storing 8-10 rifles or guns at any given moment.
  • Tri-spoke handle style– Easy to use and paired with 1.5 inches bolts.
  • Fireproof– Can withstand 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.
  • Electronic lock– New and improved locking mechanism of the modern generation.


  • Reliable– The safe offers superb protection at all times.
  • Hard plate- 8 times more resilient to drilling and unwanted openings.
  • LED– It will activate the lighting inside the safe when the door is open.


  • Installation– It is complicated and time-consuming.
  • Isn’t modular– This isn’t a modular safe. It is pre-assembled.

Who is it for?

New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK is great for those who want ultimate protection, latest features, and clever design with new and improved characteristics.

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The Best Modular Gun Safe is on this list, and it is the one you can pick in under 5 minutes. All five models are superb, and they come with premium features, reliable construction, and they can keep your firearm safe and sound at all times. 

We tested over ten models to create a list with these five, and we believe you won’t have a hard time finding the one that is just right. Keep in mind that you need to consider your needs for a safe and to make a reliable choice.

A safe from this list will be easy to use, come with all the features you need, and it can be used for centuries. This is a long investment if you prefer.