Bourbon & Boots Southern Lifestyle Brand: About Us

Bourbon & Boots Southern Lifestyle Brand: About Us

 Bourbon & Boots Southern Lifestyle Brand


Bourbon & Boots was founded and operates from the South, passionately exporting our uniquely Southern Lifestyle Brand through Rare, Unique, and Handcrafted Southern Gifts to our southern friends, expatriates, and admirers. Our product innovation and southern gifts merchandising prowess has resulted in us recently being called “The Sharper Image of the South”.

The company distributes its exclusive line of over 1,200 branded rare & unique handcrafted southern inspired products through its Southern Lifestyle Brand website ( as well as operating a Wholesale and Corporate Gifts business. 

Bourbon & Boots sells rare & unique handcrafted items in which the vast majority of each item is handmade by artisans, either contracted as suppliers or employed directly by the brand.  The products are singular creations that are not factory-made or mass-produced. 90% of our rare and unique handcrafted items are domestically produced using organic reclaimed or up cycled materials versus synthetic or non-organic raw materials. Our highly skilled artisans do their best to ensure that each item resembles the photos as closely as possible; and we develop products to be repetitive in scale so they can be made available in sizable quantity to accommodate the buying demand of our rapidly growing audience. We operate a stocking warehouse, a bar coded fulfillment center, and the vast majority of our items are held in stock and ship within 7-14 days. Occasionally, a particular item may become so popular or an event cause the natural raw material used to handcraft the item to become scarce and extending delivery times.  We hope you are delighted with every item you purchase from our Southern Lifestyle Brand.  

To compliment the enjoyment and celebration of our rare & authentic southern gifts, our Southern Lifestyle brand celebrates life in the South through the creation and distribution of authentic southern living stories through a YouTube Channel, National Public Radio, Stitcher Radio, Social & Mass Media. 

Who you are:

  • You have Southern roots, but may be an expat at the moment, or you may be a converted carpetbagger. 
  • You were raised to open the door for a lady and always say yes ma'am and yes sir. 
  • You love southern class; stylish but not trendy, classy but not snooty. 
  • You value authenticity and craftsmanship and don't like spending money on disposable things. 
  • You value family, community, tolerance, hospitality, and manners. 
  • You enjoy really good stories and like the people who tell them. 
  • You would shoot your brother-in-law in the back if it would bring one more conference win this season.
  • You read the good book, but without being too obvious you like a taste of real good bourbon. 


And finally, yes we do sip the finest Bourbon and are always looking for an occasion to shine up our best Boots and we hope you will join us soon.           ~ The Bourbon & Boots Family 




Shopping Boubon & Boots: 

Our Southern Lifestyle Brand is your online gift store for made in the south personalized gifts, gift ideas for men, and gift ideas for women. Our southern gifts inventory of unique gifts and unusual gifts ensure a rare & unique selection of personal gifts sure to delight you and your recipient.