About Us

Bourbon & Boots was founded and operates from the old South, passionately exporting our uniquely southern lifestyle through content and commerce to our southern friends, expatriates, and admirers. Our merchandising prowess has resulted in us recently being called “The Sharper Image of the South”.

The company distributes its exclusive line of over 1,000 branded products through its international website bourbonandboots.com as well as operates a robust Wholesale and Corporate Gifts business. 

Our Southern Lifestyle content generation and media distribution brand Tales from the South generates authentic southern content by providing the opportunity for Southerners from all walks of life to write and record their true life stories in front of a live audience to be aired on local, national and international radio, satellite radio, the TFS Youtube Channel, as well as distributed and preserved as podcasts. The shows are recorded live from the most interesting venues and historic cities across the deep south. "Tales from the South" by Bourbon & Boots currently reaches 51 Million listeners in 60 countries. 


Who you are:

  • You have Southern roots, but may be an expat at the moment, or you may be a converted carpetbagger. 
  • You were raised to open the door for a lady and always say yes ma'am and yes sir. 
  • You love southern class; stylish but not trendy, classy but not snooty. 
  • You value authenticity and craftsmanship and don't like spending money on disposable things. 
  • You value family, community, tolerance, hospitality, and manners. 
  • You enjoy really good stories and like the people who tell them. 
  • You would shoot your brother-in-law in the back if it would bring one more conference win this season.
  • You read the good book, but without being too obvious you like a taste of real good bourbon. 


And finally, yes we do sip the finest Bourbon and are always looking for an occasion to shine up our best Boots and we hope you will join us soon.           ~ The Bourbon & Boots Family