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Reclaimed Railroad Spike Hand-Forged Oyster Knife

Reclaimed Railroad Spike Hand-Forged Oyster Knife

$ 45.00

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“Oyster Culture” is about bringing people together. Imagine sitting in the backyard with a few friends…popping open an oyster with one of these beauties, adding a splash of lemon juice and a dash of cocktail sauce, and letting it slide down. There’s laughing….and storytelling…and cold beer. Oyster Culture, like they said.

These hand crafted Oyster Shuckers are made in North Carolina from reclaimed high carbon steel railroad spikes. When you are trying to get shuck that testy Oyster this shucker will confirm to your hand like a precision instrument. They are an outstanding example of craftsmanship, function, and art. Not only is it highly functional but the twisting and forging method of the spike makes it a unique and beautiful utensil.

  • Size: 7" Long, 5/8" Square
  • Steel Oyster Knife

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Reclaimed Railroad Spike Hand-Forged Oyster Knife