Teva vs. Chaco – What Are the Best Sandals?

Top 3 Teva Sandals You Can Buy

Teva Men’s Original Universal Sandal

The Teva sandals have been worn all over the world, and they continue to rule the market. Manufacturers are delivering customized sandals to suit varied activities in your regular day to day life. We found these suitable men sandals for you. Some of the distinguishing features are as follows:


The sandals are made from quality fabric to support you for long hours. The time-tested rubber outsole provides durable traction when in use. Additional comfort comes courtesy of the Cushioned EVA footbed.


The sandal features a universal strapping system that adjusts in 3 places, for a comfortable fit. Also, the open toe construction makes it suitable for walking in water areas as it prevents water from pooling.

We liked the antimicrobial treatment that keeps odor away from your sandals in case you used them in wet conditions.


Color variations are what most buyers prefer. The manufacturer has 29 color variations for you to give you a more extensive range of options.

These sandals are an excellent choice that you should try out. However, the only problem is the rough side of the Velcro is exposed. It grabs dirt and frays the webbing if you cross your feet, making it a bit uncomfortable.

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

The trendy, sporty sandal dates back in the 1980s. The sturdy construction with an incredible design makes the sandal outstanding. We have some of the best features below.


Crafts from excellent quality 100% water-ready synthetic and polyester webbing, making it a long-lasting sandal and versatile for all-terrain use. The rubber sole and raised heel make these sandals comfortable for long mile journeys. The unique spider original rubber outsole is on another level and supplies excellent traction when running or even jumping. Lastly, entire sandals are lightweight and hence precise for outdoor fun.

The straps

The secure hook strap closure is one of the features that make these sandals simple to wear and remove. When on your foot, you get the correct feel and fit to enable you to cover miles without straining. Moreover, the sandal has a cushioned shock pad in the heel for impact absorption. This makes it suitable for rocky ground and even hard surfaces.

Color variations

Well, you have a lot of options when it comes to color choice. You can pick from the over 40 available color variations and match with your fashion.

On the downside, if you aren’t used to the ankle straps, you will find them a bit uncomfortable.

Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal

The Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal is an iconic pair for women. These sandals have been crafted to suit your varied outdoor and indoor activities. Some features that make the sandals unique include;


It comes from excellent quality polyester for durability and value for money. The rubber sole is also a super-quality and supports you on flat terrain. Besides, the contoured EVA footbed and midsole make your walk comfortable and enjoyable.

The Straps

The universal strapping system is time tested and adjusts in 3 places, ensuring a perfect fit and comfortable feel as you move. The hook-and-loop webbing straps ensure you remain comfortable as you want. Also, the padded heel strap prevents injuries and blisters. You can wear sandals barefoot or even mix with socks. Whichever style you prefer, then it’s your choice.

Color options

Choose your favorite color from the 21 color options available on Amazon. This ensures your fashion matches well with the sandals for an eventful occasion.

Always be on the lookout as the straps may run wide with continuous use and, in the long run, leave you feeling uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the advantages are overwhelming.

Overall Reputation

Both Teva and Chaco sandals are the best brands on the market because of the durable construction and functionality. However, what brings out the difference is the usage. It is clear from the review above that Chaco is more durable than Teva courtesy of the quality of materials used. Chaco, therefore, will serve you for ages under good use. However, this doesn’t mean that Teva won’t serve you properly. You will have to take great care of the sandals for them to serve you for longer.

The review has the top three sandals in each category. Our selection was based on the top and most sought after types. Hopefully, this will ease your selection process and quicken your buying decision.

Therefore, we recommend Teva sandals for enthusiasts who fancy travels, city walks, beach walks, and light adventure activities. If you are an adventure guru, who engages in dedicated hiking with trekking on rough terrains, then the Chaco is your sandal.

We hope this information will guide you towards making an informed decision.

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