The Ultimate Guide to Race Day BBQs

No matter where you are in the world, horse racing is a great theme for your next BBQ affair. There’s something about the excitement of a short race that blends with good company and, of course, stylish fashion choices that make the entire event a success. Whether you’re celebrating the Kentucky Derby or you’re getting into the spirit of the Australian Spring Racing Carnival, here are the top tips from us that will make your next race day barbeque an absolute hit.

Keep it Small and Bite-Size

Part of the fun of a day at the races is the freedom to move around the track, checking out the latest racing tips, and conversing with your fellow racegoers. Similarly, whether your race day BBQ is being held at home or in a park or beach setting, offer your guests the freedom that comes with bite-sized foods. As race days are just that, daytime events which are usually dripping with luxury, your menu needs to stick with the theme. Smoked salmon and dill are always a winning combination when it comes to race day treats and it is well worth investigating international bitesize delicacies such as risotto balls and mini quiches to keep your menu small but delightful.

Gourmet is Always Best

As is the case with most modern menus, the demand for fresh and organic ingredients is as strong as ever. To perfectly cater your next race day BBQ, look for ingredients that are not only fresh, to begin with, but ones that will remain fresh throughout the afternoon. No one likes a soggy cucumber sandwich. As most race days are usually held in the summer and spring seasons, especially if there is a BBQ involved, opt for seasonal vegetables and ingredients that will speak nicely to the season and the fresh feeling of being outside.

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Don’t Forget the Cocktails

Your BBQ should carry all of the airs and graces that a day at the races would do. This is easily achieved on your beverage menu by putting together a simple champagne cocktail or a selection of mimosas to pair with your food offering. The feeling of elegance that a fancy glass can bring when it comes to a cocktail should never go unnoticed and for the ladies dressed in their finest, a lovely long-stemmed glass is a perfect complement to their outfit on race day.

Prepare in Advance so That You Can Enjoy the Fun

There is nothing worse than going to the effort of planning and perfectly executing an event for your friends and family than ending up stuck in the kitchen the entire time. If you are hosting a race day barbeque, you want to be able to join in the fun too. As the host of your event, you will most likely be arranging a sweepstake as a fun activity to go with the day so you will need to orchestrate the distribution of Cox Plate tips and tips on other races that you might be focusing on so that everyone can get involved and enjoy the fun.

With this quick list of tips, you should be able to confidently prepare and execute a fantastic race day BBQ as your next party theme. Enjoy the gourmet variety of foods that go so well with a day at the races. This is the freshest event theme for any spring or summer barbeque.

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