The Top US National Parks for Solo Travel

In these iconic US National parks for solo travel, you do not require a traveling companion to appreciate nature at its finest. Several destinations are available within the United States… nonetheless, may we recommend a national park? These magnificent natural marvels of the United States are great places to have some “me time.”

Therefore, avoid the throng and seek solitude at one of the 7 finest national parks to visit alone. And when you’re ready for human connection once again, we also have suggestions for crowded parks. 

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is not devoid of activities for solitary travelers just because it is one of the smaller national parks. Its central position in the heart of the city of Hot Springs makes it a perfect destination for solo exploration.

You may engage in everyday activities like hiking, bicycling, bird watching, swimming, fishing, picnics, beautiful drives, and photography. Nevertheless, experiencing the city’s namesake hot springs is a unique experience. Take a bath and spend some time in one of the several bathhouses in another park.

National Park of Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is the place to go if you are determined to see something incredible, even if you cannot bring anybody. It has not only been designated the finest national park in the United States by U.S. News & Globe Report but also the best national park in the whole world and one of the best locations to visit on Earth.

Yosemite is filled with such awe-inspiring natural splendor that it inspires awe and humility. Yosemite is a soul-enriching and healing experience in and of itself; you do not need companions to enjoy it.

Yosemite National Park is very popular, which results in a congested environment. Thus, you should never be completely alone, making it an extremely secure environment. As a single traveler, you may enjoy backpacking, hiking, bicycling, rock climbing, fishing, camping, birding, and viewing Yosemite. Near the park are various reasonably priced lodging options and camping grounds.

US National Parks

Badlands National Park

South Dakota’s Badlands National Park should be at the top of every traveler’s agenda due to its spectacular landscapes and deep valleys. It is easily accessible, situated just outside the South Dakota town of Wall and an hour from Rapid City Regional Airport, and gosh, is it worth it!

Badlands is a beautiful destination for a solo excursion since it is an accessible park with well-marked hiking routes, two visitor centers, and excellent animal watching. Plan an early arrival or a late departure to see the land’s sunset and dawn. The diverse hiking paths accommodate hikers of all ability levels, from novices to experts.

North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park in Washington, one of the least visited US national parks in the country, is a good location for introspection, given that many individuals utilize travel as a time for reflection and meditation.

It is a remote and undeveloped national park in the United States, located approximately 100 miles north of Seattle. There are few roads or other infrastructure inside the park, so you may avoid crowds and genuinely concentrate on introspection.

The park, which includes a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail running through it, is also a hiker’s heaven due to its abundance of trails and picturesque landscape. Enjoy the vast expanses of verdant woods, alpine lakes, waterfalls, and the most excellent system of glaciers in the contiguous United States.

Gateway Arch National Monument

It is challenging to argue that Gateway Arch National Park is not the most accessible park in the system. The 91-acre Gateway Arch Park is situated in the heart of St. Louis, making it likely that many individuals have unknowingly traversed all 91 acres. Gateway Arch Park is perhaps the city’s most recognizable landmark.

The 630-foot-tall Gateway Arch, the nation’s highest man-made structure, serves as the emblem of the United States’ westward expansion and the centerpiece of Gateway Arch National Park.

While climbing to the top of the arch is usually enjoyable, tourists shouldn’t stop there. Also, part of the park, the Old Courthouse, is located across the street. It was the location of the Dred Scott v. Sandford trial, in which Dred Scott, a former slave who had relocated to the free state of Illinois, sued and asserted that he and his wife, Harriet, were legally free.

Olympic National Parks

Olympic National Park on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is an ideal spot for a solitary traveler. The park is immensely diverse, featuring snow-capped mountains, rocky beaches, and lush rainforests, all of which may be seen in a single day. The park’s enormous expanse of more than 1,400 square miles is one of its most prominent attractions. Due to its size, the park can locate itself near several minor communities, including Port Angeles… and Twilight aficionados.

Stop in the tiny communities along the journey and see the park’s most popular attractions, such as day hikes to Hurricane Ridge, the Hoh Rainforest, and the Tree of Life on Kalaloch Beach.

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Glacier National Park

With a name like Glacier National Park, one would assume that visiting the park entails nothing more than gazing at a collection of glaciers. Indeed, you may do that, but there is also so much to appreciate.

Glacier National Area is an excellent destination for solo travelers since it is simple to enjoy the park safely via various available activities, such as guided walks, boat excursions, whitewater rafting along the park’s southern boundary, and equestrian trail rides.

Medler recommends Glacier National Park to single tourists who want to meet acquaintances via the park’s many activities. Visitors are urged to trek with a companion, but it’s simple to locate one if they join one of the guided excursions.

You might be interested in booking a solitary trip or holiday, such as a passion for discovering new areas on your own or a reluctance to miss out on the journey of a lifetime due to a lack of a traveling companion. And we are entirely on board with this.

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