Abbey cocktail


Spirit Used: Gin

In 1884, bartender Johnnie Taylor of New York City bar … Read more

Abby cocktail


Spirit Used: Gin

The Abby cocktail has a long and interesting history, a … Read more

Adam And Eve cocktail

Adam And Eve

Spirit Used: Brandy, Gin

The Adam and eve combo with forbidden fruit recipe is a … Read more

Alabama Slammer (Gin) Done cocktail

Alabama Slammer (Gin) Done

Spirit Used: Gin

Invented in the 1970s by a man named Walter Bergeron, t … Read more

Alaska cocktail


Spirit Used: Gin

The Alaska Cocktail is a drink that features dry gin an … Read more

Albemarle Fizz cocktail

Albemarle Fizz

Spirit Used: Gin

The Albemarle Fizz is a drink that was originally made … Read more

Alexander No. 1 (Gin) cocktail

Alexander No. 1 (Gin)

Spirit Used: Gin

The original Alexander No. 1 is considered to have been … Read more

Almond Tea Toddy cocktail

Almond Tea Toddy

Spirit Used: Gin

Almond tea toddy is one of the popular cocktails that h … Read more