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College Town Rocks Glass Set

Best Memorable College Town Rocks Glass to enjoy your Whiskey

There are many different ways to enjoy a great glass of whiskey: but none beats enjoying your whiskey in your college town rock glass.

You might enjoy your glass with ice. You might prefer it straight. Maybe you like to drink a glass of whiskey alone, while listening to your favorite music. Or perhaps you prefer to drink your whiskey in a social setting, while surrounded by friends. 

But perhaps the greatest decision of all is what kind of glass you choose to pour your whiskey into.

We all know that there are plenty of options when it comes to whiskey glasses, and there are all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. 

But some of the most popular whiskey glasses are rocks glasses. These classic glasses have been a top choice for hundreds of years – since well before the days of the wild west. 

Unfortunately, most of us no longer drink whiskey in saloons, surrounded by shifty-eyed gunslingers. 

But we can still appreciate the classic aesthetic of an old-fashioned rocks glass. 

These days, there are plenty of different options when it comes to shopping for rocks glasses. Some of the best options out there have all kinds of interesting designs etched into the glass. 

Choosing personalized rocks glasses like these is a great way to add some flavor and variety to your liquor cabinet. These glasses could be a great talking point when you have guests, and they could also stay in your possession for many generations. 

Some of the best engraved and sand-etched rocks glasses are those that represent a particular place. It’s always great to have pride in your city or geographical area, and many rocks glasses feature beautiful etches of maps, skylines, and even royal emblems of your favorite locations in this wonderful world. 

So what kind of options are available to you?

Let’s explore some of the options:

1. College Town Maps Rocks Glass

If you want to relive your college years every time you pour a glass of whiskey, then why not grab Well Told’s College Town Maps Rocks Glasses? 

These glasses are etched with detailed, accurate street maps of countless colleges throughout America. These 11 oz rocks glasses are designed and made in the USA, and they’re completely dishwasher safe. 

You’re really spoilt for choice when you choose one of these glasses. They’ve included pretty much every university you can think of when etching these gorgeous glasses.

You can find a glass that matches your university, whether you’re a past or present student at Dartmouth, Penn State, Cornell, Berkeley, Virginia Tech, Princeton, Yale, University of Texas, or Stanford. 

Those are just a few options available, so check out the full range to find your college if it wasn’t mentioned on our list. 

2. Dartmouth College Rocks Glass

If you want a slightly more elaborate rocks glass to represent Dartmouth College’s respected history, consider one of LXG’s Dartmouth College Rocks Glasses .

These glasses are decorated with Dartmouth’s official crest, and it provides a slightly more regal experience for those who have immense pride for this educational institution. 

At 13 oz, it’s slightly larger than the aforementioned College Town Maps glass. It also features a laser-etched image. 

But like the previous rocks glass, this one is also made in the USA, and it’s also dishwasher safe. All in all, it’s a great option for anyone who has attended Dartmouth in the past, and it should give your liquor cabinet a distinguished, royal vibe. 

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3. Philadelphia Skyline Rocks Glasses

But what if you’re not a graduate of an American university? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways you can represent your favorite places with your whiskey glasses. 

Take Greenline Goods’ Philadelphia Skyline Rocks Glasses , for example. These glasses are beautifully etched with the iconic skyline of Philadelphia, one of America’s most beautiful and famous cities. 

If you want to show your love for this beautiful city, you might want to pick up this incredible set of two 10 oz rocks glasses. 

This gorgeous skyline was sand-etched onto the surface of the glass by a skilled artisan, which is something you don’t see everyday. The bases are heavy, which speaks of the high quality of these glasses. The name of the city is also painstakingly sand-etched into the base of the glass. 

But what if Philadelphia isn’t your style?

Don’t worry, there are other equally appealing options to choose from. There are also rocks glasses etched with the skylines of Chicago and New York. So no matter which city you love the most, you can pick a city that appeals to you the most.

Or why not complete the collection, and fill your liquor cabinet with skylines of all three cities?

Whatever option you choose, you can rest assured that all glasses are completely dishwasher safe, and 100% lead-free. There’s even a lifetime guarantee! 

Without a doubt, these are truly high-quality rocks glasses, and it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort went into their creation. These are our personal favorite. 

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4. Nashville Rocks Glass Gift Set

If you want to reprsent the city of Nashville while you drink your whiskey, then look no further than this wonderful gift set of four unique rocks glasses

Each glass is distinct, but each one symbolizes a different aspect of Nashville. One glass depicts the skyline, another proudly shows the state’s flag, and another is emblazoned with the “615” area code. The last is a beautiful stylized depiction of the word “home.”

These are tall whiskey rocks glasses that are completely handmade. 

If Nashville doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options available. 

A Dallas set features a glass with a large star, and another with an outline of the state. A Chicago set features a “312” glass, as well as a state outline with a superimposed heart. 

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Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose, it’s always good to show some pride in where you’re from, your college town rocks glass set will do just that. You might have fallen in love with your city, and it’s always nice to be reminded of that passion when you pour yourself a glass of whiskey. 

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