Prado cocktail


Spirit Used: Tequila

Prado is the most refined of tequila cocktails. It is o … Read more

Paloma Shot cocktail

Paloma Shot

Spirit Used: Tequila

Paloma Shot is a cocktail made up of Tequila and Grapef … Read more

Polar Bear cocktail

Polar Bear

Spirit Used: Tequila

The Polar Bear cocktail is made using vodka, peppermint … Read more

Montezuma cocktail


Spirit Used: Tequila

Similar to the classic Margarita, the Montezuma cocktai … Read more

Madras cocktail


Spirit Used: Tequila

The Madras is a refreshing cocktail that anyone can cre … Read more

Mexican Coke Shot cocktail

Mexican Coke Shot

Spirit Used: Tequila

The Mexican Coke Shot is a cocktail that was created in … Read more

Mexican Mule cocktail

Mexican Mule

Spirit Used: Tequila

Mexican Mules are a type of cocktail that incorporates … Read more

Long Beach Iced Tea cocktail

Long Beach Iced Tea

Spirit Used: Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka

Long Beach Iced Tea is a cocktail with several variatio … Read more

Hot Shot Margarita cocktail

Hot Shot Margarita

Spirit Used: Tequila

Margaritas are a popular cocktail worldwide. The drink … Read more

Gold Matador cocktail

Gold Matador

Spirit Used: Tequila

The Gold Matador is an old Cuban cocktail made with rum … Read more