Gold Rings Shot cocktail

Gold Rings Shot

Spirit Used: Tequila

The Gold Rings Shot is a drink with an interesting hist … Read more

Gold Cadillac cocktail

Gold Cadillac

Spirit Used: Tequila

The Gold Cadillac cocktail is a mix of gin, apricot bra … Read more

Frozen Margarita cocktail

Frozen Margarita

Spirit Used: Tequila

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Drum cocktail


Spirit Used: Brandy, Rum, Tequila

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Fizzy Blackberry Shot cocktail

Fizzy Blackberry Shot

Spirit Used: Tequila

Fizzy Blackberry Shot is a refreshing cocktail made wit … Read more

Cinco De Mayo cocktail

Cinco De Mayo

Spirit Used: Tequila

Cinco De Mayo cocktail history dates back to the late 1 … Read more

Canary Margarita Shot cocktail

Canary Margarita Shot

Spirit Used: Tequila

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Brave Bull cocktail

Brave Bull

Spirit Used: Tequila

The Brave Bull cocktail has a long history and is close … Read more

Black Tequila cocktail

Black Tequila

Spirit Used: Tequila

Black Tequila is a distilled alcoholic drink made from … Read more

Arizona Aztec cocktail

Arizona Aztec

Spirit Used: Rum, Tequila

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