Chi-Town Flip cocktail

Chi-Town Flip

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Chi-Town Flip was first introduced by bartender Ted … Read more

Cinnamon Applesauce Shot cocktail

Cinnamon Applesauce Shot

Spirit Used: Whiskey

A cinnamon apple sauce shot is a cocktail with a strong … Read more

Brown Derby cocktail

Brown Derby

Spirit Used: Whiskey

Brown Derby is a type of cocktail made from bourbon, ho … Read more

Bull And Bear cocktail

Bull And Bear

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Bull and Bear is a bitter cocktail that is typicall … Read more

Cablegram cocktail


Spirit Used: Whiskey

Cablegram on the rocks’ is the first drink of our serie … Read more

Chapel Hill cocktail

Chapel Hill

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Chapel Hill is a classic cocktail made with bourbon … Read more

Chaplin cocktail


Spirit Used: Whiskey

In the early 1800s, a bartender at the American Bar in … Read more

Bourbon Cooler cocktail

Bourbon Cooler

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Bourbon Cooler cocktail has a long and interesting … Read more

Bourbon Crusta cocktail

Bourbon Crusta

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Bourbon Crusta cocktail is a recipe from the 19th c … Read more

Bourbon Renewal cocktail

Bourbon Renewal

Spirit Used: Whiskey

Bourbon Renewal is a mixed drink that has rise to promi … Read more