Rum Collins cocktail

Rum Collins

Spirit Used: Rum

Rum Collins, a refreshing cocktail made with light rum, … Read more

Rum Daisy cocktail

Rum Daisy

Spirit Used: Rum

The Rum Daisy cocktail was invented in 1953 by Lewis J. … Read more

Rum Old Fashioned cocktail

Rum Old Fashioned

Spirit Used: Rum

The Rum Old Fashioned is simply a cocktail made with ru … Read more

Rum Relaxer cocktail

Rum Relaxer

Spirit Used: Rum

Rum Relaxer cocktail, also known as the Rum Collins, is … Read more

Rum Sour cocktail

Rum Sour

Spirit Used: Rum

Rum Sour is a cocktail that has two types of rum in it. … Read more

Rum Toddy (Cold) cocktail

Rum Toddy (Cold)

Spirit Used: Rum

The Rum Toddy cocktail is a popular drink that has been … Read more

Rum with a View cocktail

Rum with a View

Spirit Used: Rum

Rum with a View is a cocktail, made up of dark rum, fru … Read more

Salty Dog on Beach cocktail

Salty Dog on Beach

Spirit Used: Rum

The Salty Dog cocktail is a refreshing drink that can b … Read more

Sangria cocktail


Spirit Used: Rum

Sangria is a wine-based drink that has its roots in Spa … Read more

Sea Meets Sky Daiquiri cocktail

Sea Meets Sky Daiquiri

Spirit Used: Rum

Sea Meets Sky is a cocktail based on the Mexican cuisin … Read more