Sea foam Green cocktail

Sea foam Green

Spirit Used: Rum

Sea Foam Green is a delicious and refreshing cocktail t … Read more

Shark Bite cocktail

Shark Bite

Spirit Used: Rum

The Shark Bite cocktail was created in 2003 by Toby Cec … Read more

Rockapolitan cocktail


Spirit Used: Rum

Rockapolitan is a refreshing cocktail made of red wine, … Read more

Planters Punch cocktail

Planters Punch

Spirit Used: Rum

Planters Punch is a cocktail made of Jamaican rum, fres … Read more

Poisoned Apple cocktail

Poisoned Apple

Spirit Used: Rum

The Apple Cocktail was created by bartender Robert “Ros … Read more

Paddington cocktail


Spirit Used: Rum

Paddington is a fantastic drink that gives you the same … Read more

Painkiller cocktail


Spirit Used: Rum

The Painkiller cocktail has a wide range of variations. … Read more

Papa Doble cocktail

Papa Doble

Spirit Used: Rum

The Papa Doble is a cocktail that was created in 1915 i … Read more

Piña Colada cocktail

Piña Colada

Spirit Used: Rum

Piña Colada is a cocktail made of rum, pineapple juice, … Read more

Pineapple Kona Coffee Martini cocktail

Pineapple Kona Coffee Martini

Spirit Used: Rum

Pineapple Kona Coffee Martini is a cocktail with an int … Read more