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Jan 27/17

Gift Guide to Arkansas Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Arkansas Gift Guide

So you’re from Arkansas and want to support your state this holiday season? This gift guide has got you covered, y’all. Here’s our top six picks of products from Arkansas, but to see the full list of items — beware, it’s pages and pages of amazing — click here.


Southern Pocket Tee on Bourbonandboots.com

1. Southern Love Pocket Tees, $34
It’s the Arkansas state flag nestled inside a heart, a fitting representation of the love you have for your home — or maybe your adopted — state. We know you’re in love with the Natural State. Maybe it’s time to let everyone else know.


2. Johnny Cash Necklace, $50
If you don’t keep a close watch on your heart, let this jewelry and Johnny Cash be a reminder that you should. This beautiful, silver version of our popular necklace is made in Arkansas, just like the Man in Black himself.

IMG_7Call Me Tee on BourbonandBoots.com

3. Call Me Tee, $16.99
Every Arkansan will know the meaning of this tee. It’s cute. It’s coy. And Hog fans will wear it proudly on game day or Wal-Mart day or lounge-around-the-house day. Basically, all of the days you will find us in this shirt.


WPS Stud Earrings on BourbonandBoots.com

4. WPS Stud Earrings, $25
Say you want to show your Hog love in a more subtle fashion. Yes, it’s hard to imagine, but believe it or not, such circumstances do exist. We can’t think of them of at the moment, but for such occasions, these WPS Stud Earrings are the thing you need.


Made in AR Letterpress Prints by Roll&Tumble Press for BourbonandBoots.com

5. Made in Arkansas Letterpress Print, $20
What do you and this print have in common? You were all made in Arkansas. Say it on your wall with this one-of-a-kind, hand-made letterpress print from Roll&Tumble Press. It’s as classy as you are.


Small-Batch Shaving Soaps on BourbonandBoots.com

6. Shaving Soaps, $40
Ladies, if you’d like your man to smell like a man oughta smell, these small batch shaving soaps are the way to go. They were in our office not long ago, and we’ll admit to spinning the top off and inhaling that scent of rugged cleanliness, if such a thing can be imagined.


In love with Arkansas? See all of our hand-picked products from the state. 



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