Screwdriver cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

Screwdriver is a mix of Orange Juice, Vodka with a hint … Read more

Pumpkin Bloody Mary cocktail

Pumpkin Bloody Mary

Spirit Used: Vodka

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Pumpkin Ginger Iced Tea cocktail

Pumpkin Ginger Iced Tea

Spirit Used: Vodka

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Pumpkin Tea cocktail

Pumpkin Tea

Spirit Used: Vodka

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Red Snapper cocktail

Red Snapper

Spirit Used: Vodka

Red Snapper is an aquatic drink with a history dating b … Read more

Rosemary Black Pepper Cosmopolitan cocktail

Rosemary Black Pepper Cosmopolitan

Spirit Used: Vodka

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Orange-Berry Vodka Martini cocktail

Orange-Berry Vodka Martini

Spirit Used: Vodka

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Orange-Ginger cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

The Orange-Ginger cocktail is a derivative from the Pin … Read more

Orgasm cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

Orgasm drink was created in response to a trend of nami … Read more

Peach Long Island Iced Tea cocktail

Peach Long Island Iced Tea

Spirit Used: Vodka

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