Thunderstorm cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

Thunderstorm is a first of its kind, sweet and sour mix … Read more

Verrazano cocktail


Spirit Used: Gin, Vodka

The Verrazano cocktail is a mix of rye whiskey, dry ver … Read more

Vesper cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

Vesper is a cocktail that was first mentioned by Ian Fl … Read more

Vesper Martini cocktail

Vesper Martini

Spirit Used: Vodka

The Vesper martini cocktail has often been claimed to h … Read more

Shirley Temple Grows Up cocktail

Shirley Temple Grows Up

Spirit Used: Vodka

The Shirley Temple Grows Up cocktail is a mix of grenad … Read more

South of the Border cocktail

South of the Border

Spirit Used: Tequila, Vodka

South of the Border is one of most popular mixed drinks … Read more

Sugar cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

The first documented use of Sugar in a cocktail was in … Read more

Santini's Pousse-Café cocktail

Santini’s Pousse-Café

Spirit Used: Vodka

Santini’s Pousse-Café is a cocktail made with coffee li … Read more

Screwdriver cocktail


Spirit Used: Vodka

Screwdriver is a mix of Orange Juice, Vodka with a hint … Read more

Sea Breeze Fizz cocktail

Sea Breeze Fizz

Spirit Used: Vodka

Sea Breeze Fizz Cocktail is a cocktail made from vodka, … Read more