Kin And Sim cocktail

Kin And Sim

Spirit Used: Whiskey

Kin and Sim Cocktail is a ready to drink non-alcoholic beverage that boosts your mood and awakens your mind. The history of this cocktail dates back to 1964 when it was invented by Frank Meier at his bar in Hamburg, Germany. He was serving customers th …

Ladies cocktail


Spirit Used: Whiskey

The first ladies cocktail was created in 1919 by Ada Coleman at the Savoy Hotel in London. She was inspired by an earlier drink called Brandy Crusta and named her drink after herself: Ada Cocktail. The popularity of this drink quickly spread and pubs a …

Lagoon Water cocktail

Lagoon Water

Spirit Used: Whiskey

Lagoon Water is a cocktail that was created by Donn Beach to represent the beauty of his then-home in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a concoction of pineapple juice, orange juice, and rum blended together with crushed ice. It is a perfectly chilled light blu …

Lumberjack cocktail


Spirit Used: Whiskey

Lumberjack is a drink that’s not only vegan but also free of alcohol. The earliest known recipe dates back to 1894 when the cocktail was first published in an old edition of “Boston Cooking-School Cook Book”. The name “Lumberjack” comes from the origin …

Kentucky Longshot cocktail

Kentucky Longshot

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Kentucky Longshot cocktail is a delightful mix of bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and an orange peel garnish. It was created by bartender Sean Kenyon at the Flatiron Lounge in New York City. It has been mentioned in an 1874 book about bart …

Imperial Fizz cocktail

Imperial Fizz

Spirit Used: Whiskey

Imperial Fizz’s is an easy way to add a little festive sparkle to any occasion. But the name comes from the fact that it was invented at The Imperial Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong. That’s where author Ernest Hemingway liked to hang out when he visited Ho …

Irish Coffee cocktail

Irish Coffee

Spirit Used: Whiskey

Irish coffee is a hot drink consisting of coffee, whiskey, and cream. It became popular in the United States during the 1940s. The drink was first served at Shannon Airport in 1945 as a way to warm up passengers during the cold winter months. To make t …

Irish Mule cocktail

Irish Mule

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The Irish Mule cocktail is a refreshing drink that is great to beat the heat of summer. It is a mix of one shot of Irish whiskey, ginger ale, and lime juice. It was invented in Ireland in 1948 by Jack Koeppler in the spirit’s market town in County Cork …

Jocose Julep cocktail

Jocose Julep

Spirit Used: Whiskey

The history of the Jocose Julep is not clear. It seems to have been created during Prohibition, but it has not been proven. It was first mentioned in print in 1922, so it is believed to have emerged during the Prohibition era. It would have been create …

John Collins cocktail

John Collins

Spirit Used: Whiskey

John Collins is a mixed drink that was created in 1874 by John Collins in New York. It is made of iced sugar, sweetened lemon or lime juice, and bourbon whiskey. It is a cocktail which consists of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar and club soda, shaken with …