10 Reasons to Love a Southern Gal
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10 Reasons to Love a Southern Gal
Apr 10/17

10 Reasons to Love a Southern Gal Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

    Ok, we admit - we are biased.  Growing up in the South we've grown to dearly appreciate Southern Women.  We ask the Bourbon & Boots men to describe why they love their Southern Women so much and the following were the "top 10" of most common responses.  Enjoy, Share, and give us your thoughts.


    The accent. Oh that sweet, sweet southern drawl that prompted Churchill to proclaim, “the most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated southern woman.”   She could be reciting her shopping list and it’d sound like a melodic symphony, and fur extra interests, it’s really entertaining to hear that southern twang when she starts to get excited.
    Her impeccable manners. Remember when you took that city girl back to the parent’s house and she ended up getting into a passive/aggressive argument with your sister? Not going to happen with this girl, she can handle herself with the bros but she’ll be minding her P’s and Q’s as soon as she gets in close quarters with family.
    She’s been Miss Something. If you’ve never quite managed to pull a prom queen and social status is your kind of your thing, don’t worry about it. Every Southern girl has some kind of pageant under her belt. It’s kind of like dating that hot head cheerleader or at long last you get the to be that prom King that you missed out on in high school
    She loves some good eats. You’ll never be fed quite as well as when you’re at your Southern girl’s house, so long as you’re not vegetarian or on a diet you’ll taste some of the best fixin’s you’ve ever put in your mouth
    She’s adventurous. If you’re looking for recreational companionship, this is your gal. She is up for anything – white water rafting, float trips, long motorcycle rides, camping – you name and she’ll have her jean cutoffs and halter on in a heart beat ready to go and explore the wilderness as your trusted companion.
    She knows how to party. You don’t get brought up drinking 150 proof moonshine without learning’ a thing or two. For the love of God don’t challenge her to a drink-off because she’ll be leaving the party with your lightweight arse slumped over her shoulder.
    She always looks great. This is the sort of girl that can go shot for shot with you the entire night and wake up the next morning looking ready for the red carpet. It must be something in her DNA but it’s impossible for her to be anything less than presentable
    She loves sports. She absolutely loves sports, as much as you do. Even if she didn’t attend her state college, you wouldn’t know it by the passion she shows on game day. She grew up in the south where sports were more than entertainment or competition; sports are a social fabric of the south, full of all day tailgating and game watching parties.
    She’s handy. In a mechanical way or course. There’s something sexy to a guy when his lady knows how to use a car jack and knows the difference in a standard and Philips screwdriver. And if she knows all the practical uses of Duct Tape and Gorilla Glue, well, you have a keeper.  
    She’s got a loving heart.  Perhaps the most important of all the reasons to love a Southern woman. She was raised right, knows the difference between right and wrong, and was taught the Golden Rule. You’ll never become tired watching how much love this shares all who cross her path.

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