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A Quick Guide to Bourbon Accessories
Jul 22/16

A Quick Guide to Bourbon Accessories Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


Whiskey Stones
Whiskey stones are small cubes made of solid soapstone that are traditionally used to chill liquor. Just freeze for about 4 hours and add to your glass. Soapstone retains cold temperature longer than ice, and also doesn’t melt to dilute your bourbon. Soapstone is also preferred to other stones because it is still soft enough to not scratch your glasses.

Ice Ball
Using one large, slow melting ice sphere helps to diminish the diluting effects of traditional ice cubes. The Ice Balls are typically made using a silicone sphere mold that will not break, and create a perfectly smooth sphere. For best results, use distilled water or Limestone water. 

Limestone Water
When bourbon is distilled, that special Kentucky limestone water has no iron, which can add bitterness to your beloved bourbon. It’s rich in calcium and magnesium and filtered through limestone via Mother Nature. A splash of limestone filtered water “opens up the bourbon releasing its entire spectrum of flavor and aroma nuances. The alcohol burns is diminished as a smooth, rich taste emerges, enhanced, never diluted.”



By Lindsey Castrodale
Lindsey Castrodale is an Southern-loving girl living in a digital world. Arkansas born and raised, she can often be found in front of a bowl of cheese dip, chip-in-hand, while documenting on Instagram. Little Rock, AR is the Cheese Dip Capital of the World, after all. 



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