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Southern Stories
Jun 06/13

Are We All Speaking English Here? Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

This map from Business Insider is firing up the country as it focuses on how pronunciation of words and usage of certain phrases differ across America.  For example, how we say words like “pecan,” “caramel,” “crayon” and “mayonnaise” as well as how we use of words like “y’all” or “you guys” and “coke” or “soda.”

Most of this stuff you already kind of knew, but it’s still fascinating to see it colorfully portrayed on a map.

There’s also a few oddities, like who knew they called a water fountain a “bubbler” in a small sliver of the country?
And have you ever heard anyone actually use the word “crayfish”?
And on the Atlantic coast, they apparently call a drive-through liquor store a “brew thru,” which is pretty efficient and smart. We should adopt it.

What do you think about the map? Tell us in the comments.



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