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Bourbon & Boots Exclusive Q & A with Bonnie Montgomery
Aug 25/16

Bourbon & Boots Exclusive Q & A with Bonnie Montgomery Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


B&B: Who are your top three influencers?
BM: Johnny Cash, my grandmother, Frances Quattlebaum and Ludwig van Beethoven.

B&B: What about Pres. Bill Clinton’s childhood inspired you to write the opera “Billy Blythe,” based on his life?
BM: Clinton’s childhood was full of grand characters and classic southern drama, which is perfect for opera.

B&B: Has Clinton ever seen a performance or given you feedback?
BM: I don’t believe he has seen the opera, but I’m told he has a poster from it in his barn office in New York. I met him a couple times and told him about the project and said he supported my endeavor.

B&B: How many pairs of cowboy boots do you own and which is your favorite?
BM: Well, I probably have about 10 pairs of cowboy boots right now. I tend to wear them one at a time until they’re worn out. I guess my absolute favorites are my plain brown ropers that I’ve worn all over the place—the desert, the city and while working on the farm.

B&B: What is your go-to drink?
BM: I love Oregon Pinot Noirs, but whiskey with lots of ice and water is my favorite drink for a show night.

B&B: Of all the southern states you’ve seen on tour, which one speaks the most to you and why?
BM: I have to say Arkansas because it’s my home state and I’m really inspired by the people, the landscape and our musical heritage.

B&B: What has been your favorite venue to play in (doesn’t have to be southern) and why?
BM: That’s a tough one, but I have to say The White Water Tavern in Little Rock because where else could you premiere a modern opera and also have wild honky tonk jamboree?

B&B: How old where you when you started playing and writing music?
BM: I started singing in church around age 3, but I didn’t really start writing songs until I was in my early 20’s.

Check out Bonnie’s November 2012 EP Cruel, along with Roll & Tumble Press’ “The South She’s Pretty” letterpress print.

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