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Cows: You Can’t Tip This
Jan 26/17

Cows: You Can’t Tip This Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


Wait a minute. Wait. Hold everything.

So you’re saying cow tipping is fake? Like, it’s a myth? Like it’s — excuse the pun — bullcrap?

Aw, man.

An article on Modern Farmer proves it’s not so simple to tip a cow, complete with a diagram. Their most convincing argument: If it were possible, we’d have videos of it on YouTube. Hm, well you got us on that one.

And yet, ask a room full of non-farmers about cow tipping and you’ll still find plenty of believers. Despite reams and reams of articles debunking the idea, cow tipping, like crop circles, continues to exist as a strange rural legend — the difference being there’s at least photographic proof of crop circles … But say our hypothetical cow tippers got lucky enough to get close to a cow at night. There’s still the matter of the brute force needed to get the cow over. In 2005, University of British Columbia student Tracy Boechler and doctor of zoology Margo Lillie ran the numbers on cow tipping. Their findings? There’s no way one person could tip a cow. Two people? Maybe — but not in real world conditions.

Click the article for the full, eye-opening piece, but we’re warning you, it can’t be unseen.



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