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Jan 27/17

Discover Your Dialect with This Quiz Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

How do you say “pecan”? How about “crayon”? The pronunciation of such words varies across the country, and where you were raised along with your current city of residence will heavily influence the way you talk.

What is news, or is at least very interesting, is this map of the U.S. that illustrates how people say words as well as the usage of certain terms like “dinner” vs. “supper” or  phrases like “where are you?”

This site also has a survey and quiz gathering information which will determine which part of the country your dialect most resembles. It’s powered by North Carolina State University and has two versions. However, it seems the amount of traffic has overloaded their server. It’s popular, y’all. But keep trying.

Once you get the page to load, the first quiz is 25 questions long, but for those with lots of time on their hands, there’s a 140-question version.  The quiz will ultimately determine which part of the continental United States talks the most like you. At the end of the quiz, you’ll be asked to give your age, gender, current city of residence and where you spent most of your childhood.

And now the most pressing questions on our minds: Is there a difference between dinner or supper? And would you call that bright, flying bug a “firefly” or a “lightning bug”? The comment floor is yours.



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